When Freemasonry Settle Your Judges & Generals in USA & Britain etc, You are a Slave Nation


The Zionists have worked very hard over centuries to “conquer” the world! Among their various tactics are Satanic e.g. Usery or compound interest system, vulgarity, drugs, mafias and cults etc. and such political enslavement organizations as Freemasonry, Rotary and Lions Club! They also actively undermine and destroy the forces which act or have potential to act against their whims and designs.

They target “important” and influential people from society e.g. Genesis, high bureaucrats, high media men, judges and politicians. When high military officers and bureaucrats etc. come for training to Western countries agents of Freemasonry trap them by alluring them many worldly luxuries, conveniences, “benefits” many become blind and gladly put the chains of slavery in their necks and in their feet! Same is done to others in their own countries!

The Zionists of course operate with utmost secrecy! In the darkness of gutter and garbage they survive sunshine is death for these insects! When John F. Kennedy spoke against the under the table and under the carpet schisms he was shot dead, when Diana and Michael Jackson showed their inclination towards Islam they were eliminated because they consider genuine Islam as in Quran and walking Quran i.e.; Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as their biggest obstacle against their designs.

Such is a typical case scenario of Pakistan where a cult was created by British Zionists known as Qadyanis or Ahmadi Muslims. The cult goes against very fundamental basis of Islam that is Muhammad (PBUH) is the last and final messenger of the God. Zionists made their own pseudo messenger and bought some followers for them and implanted them in high positions. Pakistan’s Imran Khan has Qadyani background and so are many members in his cabinet and many in Pakistan military! In the past these and members of Freemasonry occupied key positions in Pakistani establishment!

If anyone dares to work against their whims and designs he is taken care of for example Nawaz Sharif, Morsi etc. An election rigging cell was created in GHQ which carried out pre, intra and post polling rigging and then enslaved judges did open mockery of Justice and imprisoned opponents of their selected so called Prime Minister!

The game is not limited to one country. For example Panama drama was created to malign only Nawaz Sharif and Modi dropped as marriage ceremony of grand daughter of Nawaz Sharif so that it can be painted as close friend of Nawaz Sharif as in Pakistan it carries very negative impression!

The prominent judges and generals who played active role in their hands are now settled in UK and USA etc!

While Qadyanis were created for Pakistan, Baha’i were created for Iran and Alvites for Syria like Bashar and late Hafiz Asad and Do-Namay for Turkey. So called father of Turkey Kamal Ata Turk was Do-Namay I.e.; inside Zionist Jew while outside Muslim!

No doubt Freemasonry played key role in toppling Khilafat e Usmania in Turkey! Zionists not only use their so called friends but also their so called “enemies” in fully scripted American Wrestling Matches for example Iranian Government dancing on Zionist agenda and in the past Yaser Arafat! Their famous saying is “Friends are ours and enemies are ours too” and “United we fall, Divided we stand” so their puppets you may find in diagonally opposite parties and camps!

Seemingly Saudi Arabia is their next target for which they are using Iran and Iran is using Hothi Shia tribe! Israel and Iran are providing them full strategic and material support while they have made very significant inroads in Arab World too!

Only genuine Islam (And not pseudo or fake Islam which Zionists have created for example by the names of al-Qaeeda, ISIS, Bokoharam and Daeesh etc.) has the potential of rescuing the world from the clutches of heartless Zionists!

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