Why it’s important to do teaching in National language!

I had teacher in DJ science college Karachi, Pakistan who had done his MBBS from Usmania University Hyderabad Dakkan in Urdu! When Indian forces annexed Hyderabad they burnt 80,000 books in Urdu apart from killing over 200,000 Muslims (Sunderlal report)!

In Iran MBBS is in Persian, In Syria in Arabic, in Turkey in Turkish, in China in Chinese and in Veitnam in Veitnamis! Urdu had the capacity to absorb words of all other languages because it evolved as Lushkari language!

English has many defects e.g many times pronunciation does not go with spelling etc. I worked in Azad Kashmir their Govt language is Urdu! All notifications etc are issued in Urdu! And I can tell you notifications in Urdu are much better! English in Pakistan is a sign, symptom and symbol of our mental slavery!

No country will progress in foreign language! Language of common and elite must be the same to easy transfer of knowledge! Language is custodian of your values, poetry and history! Unfortunately our English medium schools have made our youth as rootless trees! They are cut from our values and Quran and Hadith and Iqbal etc

Even not knowing Iqbal is a big loss as poets and Philosophers like Iqbal are born in centuries! I had a Vietnamese colleague during my residency in USA, he told me whenever a new edition of a valuable book comes, our teacher will divide it into portions and given to students of high class students to translate and then translations evaluated by a committee of faculty which chooses the best and adopt after necessary modifications! Thus every book is translated in their National language within a month! Readers digest for example comes in 30 plus languages! It can be done, requires devotion, sincerity and hard work!

Our military and political leaders are implanted by neocolonialists and they oppose such changes to serve their master to keep us their slaves!


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