Muslims are not terrorists, rather they are victims of global terrorism.

Muslims are on receiving end of terrorism and aggression throughout the world e.g; Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Kashmir, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Tunisia and China!

And those apparently fanatics are actually created by enemies of Islam and Muslims e.g. Bokoharam, ISIS, al- Qaeeda, Daeesh etc. to defame Islam and Muslims.

Islam is religion of Peace but not of submission to Ta’ghoot (False gods)! Almost all Muslim countries except a few have implanted puppets and puppies rulers. Many innocent Muslims are put to death but no cry!

Recently Sissy of Egypt has sentenced 1O innocent Muslims to death! Once Hafiz al Asad killed 30,000 Muslims in Homos by carpet bombing; but world media including Western media remained absolutely silent; did not even mention! Apart from Syrian students the news came out from a heated debate on Face the Nation by Aaron then Israeli ambassador to USA!

Chemical gases to Bashar were supplied by British Government which killed many Syrian children and adults, Obama pledged to punish Bashar but that never happened! Obama promised in Election campaign to close notorious Guantanamo but he could not do it instead he was given Lollipop 🍭 of Nobel Prize to shut his mouth!

9/11 was carried out on explicit order of notorious Aerial Sharon (the master mind of Shatilla and Sabra Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon) and Muslims and Islam were taken hostage and in “retaliation” hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan, and Pakistan were killed! OBL had condemned the 9/11 on same very day but the world fake media is also totally controlled and that news was not printed or broadcasted except one newspaper in Karachi I.e., Daily Ummat where OBL had said that Islam does not allow attacks on innocent human beings.

The main purpose of attack on Kabul was restoration of heroin for underground drug mafia mostly controlled by Zionists! For this 9/11 was orchestrated and apart from Day Light Murder in 9/11, in attacks on Afghanistan and Pakistan, thousands are killed or maimed by heroin in the Western countries! In Pakistan heroin drug addicts are used and “consumed” in so called “Suicide attacks” by the same very forces!

In Bosnia in “Safe Heavens” many thousand Muslims were beheaded under UN supervision. Allah says in Quran if you see their schisms; these may move mountains! Enemies have hired people like Mr. Aswat (British MI 5) who claimed responsibility for London bomb attack and Ramzi Yousuf who is a Christian guy with apparently Muslim name and many others who are on their payroll to “accept” any responsibility for any act planned and executed by their masters. Did Muslims kill hundreds of thousands in World War 1 and 2?

Then they have people like Rita Katz and her “Site” which is master in making fake videos using actors and these fake videos are run as news in USA media and then in world media! True Muslims can not even think of terrorism as it is 180 degree diagonally opposite to Islam!

Rita Katz master of production of fake videos to defame Islam and Muslims
Fake OBL in a film released by none other than Pentagon
UN is for serving interests of Terrorists
Pakistan State Bank is handed over to IMF by their puppy and puppet Imran Khan
Kalbhoshan an Indian master Terrorist implanted in Pakistan via Iran
A Palestinian Teen Ager shot to death by terrorist Israelis
English Zionists made Ghulam Ahmed a (Pseudo) Prophet and religious cult Qadyani or so called Ahmadi Muslims!
Imran Khan is maternally Qadyani descent! His grand grand father is on 15th number on declaring his faith in this pseudo prophet, his grandfather and mother were all Qadyanis

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