From Manat to Somnat: Mehmoud Ghaznawi did not destroy any trampled or idols except Somnat!

Mehmoud Ghaznawi was one of the greatest patron of Research, Science and Education! Most people know him as a great warrior or conquered but a few know about his maddening love for research!

He was once going to attack Iran to get Ibn e Sina (Avicenna) under his patronage! Iranians have made a beautiful movie about how Mehmoud was after Ibn e Sina to take him under his wings, to finance his research projects! However Ibn e Sina did not heed to his request and kept hiding so that Mehmoud may not arrest him! This led to severance his engagement with his fiancé!

Ibn e Sina’s to be father in law told him that we are breaking this engagement to protect your precious life as with family you will be easy prey for Mehmoud!

Mehmoud was however able to get some great scientists, the most prominent of them was Al- Biruni who enormously contributed to science, particularly astronomy, mathematics and history, particularly history of India!

Mehmoud is known for his 17 attacks on India! He took the money from the idle chests of Rajas to spend on research and education, in other words to benefit of the people!

Biruni under his patronage and generous help was able ti accurately measure earth’s diameter while sitting in Pind Dadan, Jehlum, Pakistan! Mehmoud provided him around 90 experts in mathematics!

Mehmoud was a very humble man. He lived very simple life! He did not have hatred toward Hindus or other non Muslims. He appointed Hindus at many key positions!

Mehmoud made Lahore a city of Colleges and Education. His trusted Ayyaz was then Governor of Lahore and Lahore used to be called Mini Ghazi! He did not touch temples except Somnat! But why Somnat?

The real story for destroying Somnat was the fact that a Statue idol of Manat was secretly transported to this temple by Arabian Pagans when Prophet Muhamnad (PBUH) ordered to destroy all idols in Makkah and Madinah, to remove paintings of all living things and remove all solid constructions above the graves I.e make them plain! Syedna Ali r.a did this job but pagans succeeded in transporting Manat to Juna Gar, Kathiawar! Mehmoud knew that this particular Arabian idol escaped destruction so in order to fulfill the orders of the Prophet (SAW) he attacked and destroyed this particular idol! Hindus offered him lot of money and gold to prevent him from doing it but he did not listen to them and did not accept their offers!

English colonists in order to create rifts between Hindus and Muslims spread lot of lies about Ayrangzaib and Mahmoud Ghaznawi ; both were very simple God fearing rulers!

Status of Manat idol before Islam
Pagan Arabs’ reverence to Manat
Three idols mentioned by names in Quran! Manat was secretly transported on boat to India where with addition of So ( meaning good) it became Somnat
Pagans of Arab developed idol worship long after Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and Ismaeel (PBUT) died
From Manat to Somnat

In Islam there is no compulsion in religion! Muslims ruled India and Spain for many centuries but they never forced people to revert to Islam! Muslims did not steal any thing from these places but rather made these areas to grow. People after studying Islam they themselves reverted to Islam as Islam appeared to them logical and true way of life! When anti Muslim forces defeated Muslims they carried out large scale massacres of Muslims and conversion of hundreds of thousands mosques into Churches, Hindu tamales and some even into Synagogues!

Massacre of Bosnians in so called safe heavens under patronage of UNO and demolition of Babri majid and Modi’s apartheid and genocide practices are still continuation of this intolerance and hatred!

Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) built Kabbah for worship of one and only God (in Arabic (Allah)! Ibrahim hated idol worship which made no sense at all; but ironically the same Allah’s House was converted into idol worship place after many years! Jews at time of Moses saw pagans worshiping cow and they also secretly started worshipping cow!

This “sacred” cow is still in the hearts of many Jews although Moses (PBUH) severely punished those who engaged in such dubious and non sense practice! Moses on Command of the God ordered to slaughter that very sacred bull!

Islam has no room for superstition and compulsion in religion or way of life! For you is your way of life and for us is ours!

Pictures and some text is taken from a blog for which we are very grateful

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