How Qadyanis were created by Zionists British Freemasonry by Ibaad Surti in A Must Read

History tells us that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was a British Puppet. Given below is some of the information from archives file, that should make it pretty clear how the British Raj planned & aided every action of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed so that his movement could make inroads & sow chaos among the Muslims of British India-

Indian Political Scene, 19th century: The British predominated the whole of Indian sub-continent after the fateful War of Independence in 1857. One significant aspect of the War was the role, the ulema played in organizing resistance against the British aggressors. The Wahhabi movement of Syed Ahmad Shahid did not end after the battle of Balakot.

The surviving freedom fighters kept the Hills (N-W of India) as their bases of operation to launch Jihad against the British rule. Many crushing defeats were inflicted on the British troops, the most important of which was the battle of Ambela in 1863. The mujahidin showed an amazing gallantry and magnificent courage against the British troops.

Baulked on the Frontier, the British attempted to destroy the organization of mujahidin in India.

Hunter Report : On 20 September, 1871 Chief Justice Norman of the Calcutta High Court was killed by a Punjabi Muslim, Abdullah. Muslims bothered British more than anything…

The British turned fiercely on Muslims as their real enemies and used all harsh methods to put an end to the Jihad movement which “seditious Wahabis” had launched in India.

On 30 May, 1871 Lord Mayo, who had been an Irish Secretary in Disraeli’s Ministry, asked a civilian, W.W. Hunter to write a report on the burning question of the day: Whether the Indian Muslims were compelled by their faith to rebel against British Imperialism. Hunter published his report in 1871 under the title The Indian Musalamans:

Are they bound in conscience to rebel against the Queen? He discussed the teachings of Islam specially the concept of Jihad, advent of Mahdi and Messiah, problems relating to Jihad movement, the Wahabi concepts and then concluded. The present generation of Musalmans are bound according to their own texts to accept the status quo , but ‘the law and the prophets can be utilized on the side of loyalty as well as on the side of sedition’, and the Musalmans of India are, and have been, for many years, a source of chronic danger to the British Power in India and no one can predict the proposition to which this Rebel Camp (i.e. on the N-W Frontier) backed by the Muslim horde from the Westward, might attain under a leader who knows how to wield together the nations of Asia in a crescentado.’

He further adds :

‘It was hopeless to look for anything like enthusiastic loyalty from our Muhammaden subjects. The whole Koran was based upon the conception of the Musalmans as a conquering and not as a conquered people. The Musalmans of India could always be a source of chronic danger to the British power in India.’


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5.. W.W. Hunter, The Indian Musalmam, The Comrade Publishers Calcutta, 1845)

The British High Command was highly impressed by W. W Hunter’s plan, having already observed a similar plan in action inside Persia (Iran), where the newly founded Baha’i Faith, whose founder also claimed to be the promised Messiah and Mahdi of Muslims, managed to gain a sizable number of followers among Shia Muslims, thereby causing a lot of chaos & infighting among the Muslims in Persia. And the recent success of “The Mahdi of Sudan” left no doubt among the British imperialists that this was the perfect solution to weaken Muslims of India.

Besides, in post-Mutiny period, between 1858 & 1870, Christian missionaries had been actively studying the main religious, social, economic, and political causes of the ‘Mutiny’ and were analysing the emerging trends in Indian politics in order to play a decisive role in the colonial game. In 1869, a private commission consisting of missionary heads visited India to ascertain the causes of the ‘Mutiny’ and suggest ways for the consolidation of the Empire. The commission visited marry places, conducted meetings with senior British officials occupying high administrative & military posts and held discussions with officials of secret service to have first hand knowledge of religo-political problems that posed a potent threat to the British rule in India. As a result of it, a conference was held at London in 1870, wherein both the commision & the missionaries submitted their separate reports. Subsequently both these reports were published for private use as a secret & confidential document under the title: The Arrival of the British Empire in India. An extract from the report is quoted below which gives the need of a prophet, who could serve the nefarious political designs of British Imperialism-

“Majority of the population of the country blindly follows their ‘Peers’ (spiritual leaders). If at this stage, we succeed in finding out some who would be ready to declare himself a Zilli Nabi (apostolic prophet) then the large number of people shall rally round him. But for this purpose, it is very difficult to persuade some one from the Muslim masses. If this problem is solved, the prophethood of such a person can flourish under the patronage of the Government. We have already overpowered the native governments by mainly pursuing a policy of seeking help from the traitors. That was a different stage for, at that time, the traitors were from the military point of view. But now when we have sway over every nook of the country and there is peace and order every where, we ought to undertake measures which might create internal unrest among the country.”


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7. Files of Church of England Magazine, Church of England Quarterly Review, Church missionary Intelligence&Church Missionary Record corroborate the need of such an Imperialist lackey.)

That was it. The British started searching for a trustable puppet among Indians, who could fit in the shoes of Messiah cum Mahdi. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s name was recommended by Rev. Butler M.A., a Scotch missionary head at Sialkot. They met frequently to hold discussions and exchange ideas on theology and political problems faced by the British Government in India. Butler held Mirza in high esteem & openly displayed respect for him. Even Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Mirza’s Son, confirmed this nature of his father’s relations with Rev. Butler.

Also remember, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed came from a family with a history of unwavering loyalty towards British Raj. His father Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was a trusted British Henchmen & greatly aided the British Raj to suppress the “Revolt of 1857”, as mentioned in Sir Lepel Griffin’s book, the Punjab Chiefs, compiled to record the services of the loyal families of the Punjab during the ‘Mutiny’of 1857. Sir Lepel Griffin states the services of the Mirza family provided to the British during this critical period of our history:

“The (Mirza) family did excellent services during the Mutiny of 1857. Ghulam Murtaza enlisted many men and his son Ghulam Qadir was serving in the force of General Nicholson when that officer destroyed the mutineers of the 46 Native Infantry who had fled from Sialkot at Trimughat. General Nicholson gave Ghulam Qadir a certificate stating that in 1857 the Mirza family showed greater loyalty than any other in the district.

The year 1868 proved decisive for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Muhammad Saleh, an Arab, happened to come to India on some mission stated to be a political one. The political situation at that time was alarming due to the activities of the Wahabis. The presence of an Arab ‘activist’ in the strategic region of the Punjab could ensue problem for the British. The Punjab Police arrested him on the charges of spying and violation of Emigration Act. H.E. Perkins, DC Sialkot Courts started investigations. The Mirza was employed as an interpreter of Arabic. He strongly argued and defended the British rule in India during his argumentation with the Arab. Through his eloquence, he proved his worth in the eyes of his British master. Perkins found in him a very useful & loyal agent who could serve the cause of the Empire if inducted for the job. Perkins was a freemason and member of the Lodge of Hope, Lahore. Thereupon, Mirza left the job at Sialkot Court in 1868 without any obvious reason and settled down in Qadian.

Around the year 1872, the picture became clear. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad started sending articles in Indian newspapers and journals to introduce himself as a champion of Islam. He, afterwards entered into active arguments with the Arya, Brahmo and Deva Samaj leaders on sensitive issue. He was creating the impression of him being a defender & champion of Islam, but there was another purpose of his communal rants, he was inciting Hindus & Muslims against each other, thereby, perfectly deploying the proposed British policy of Divide & Rule, so as to weaken Unity among Indians & prevent any repeat of “Revolt of 1857”.

By 1879, he engaged himself in compiling a book entitled Brahin-e-Ahmadya. The death of his elder brother Mirza Ghulam Qadir in 1883 left the field open for him. He swiftly moved towards his desired end, the claim of prophethood. Feality to the British Raj and condemnation of Jehad were the hallmark of his career. He attended to his assigned job with full devotion and had always been proud of the services he rendered for the consolidation of the colonial Empire in India and other parts of the world. Tazkira, the Ahmadiyya ‘Bible’ carries a lot of rubbish and absurd material unheard of in the history of holy men. The revelations are in Arabic, Urdu, Persian, English, Hebrew, Hindi and Punjabi. The language is poor, vague and incorrect. In fact, a large part of it is a hotch potch having no specific meanings. ahmadiyyas put these utterances to numerous interpretations to support the prophethood of the Mirza. Some revelations are in numerals and figures and others in an unknown languagewhich the recipient himself admits not to have understood them. This mumbo jumbo reflects the inner feelings, emotional crises and mental retardation of the claimant. Since the Mirza had been afflicted with various diseases during his life time like hysteria, vertigo, diabetes, migraine, colic, tuberculosis, melancholia, sexual debility, acute and persistent dysentary etc. He was absolutely clear about his political mission. In all of his works the underlying theme is feality to the British, condemnation of Jehad, desire to see the Muslim World under Imperialist subjugation & a passion to render services for the consolidation of the British Empire in India. He uses an extremely harsh language for his critics and opponents but remains very polite and subservient to his alien masters. There is not a single revelation, prophecy, dream etc. which goes in any way against the political interests of the British or condemns their mis-deeds as a colonial power. Every word that he claimed to have received from God is pro-British and anti-Islamic in its orientation. His God is happy over the enslavement of the Muslims and the economic prosperity of the Britishers.

It has become manifestly clear on the basis of solid evidences that Ahmadya movement owes its origin to Imperialist and Jewish (Zionist) backings. Jewish influence and their money coupled with the secret ecclasiastical funds of the British Government watered the Ahmadya sapling to grow into a big tree. They employed a surrogate to launch this subversive movement to fulfill their Imperialist ends and to create a schism in the body politic of Islam by striking at the unity of Muslim world.

And if you still doubt this, then perhaps you should look at the glorious history of Ahmadiyya Community in Israel & England. Israel is an arch enemy of Muslims & no one other than Jews flourish in Israel, yet both, Baha’i & Ahmadiyya flourish & have a strong base in Israel (Remember, Zionist Israel even prosecutes the original Palestinian Haredi Jews because Haredis disapprove Zionism). Now, Just listen to the ridiculous excuse Ahmadiyyas give to justify their presence in Israel. They say Ahmadiyya community is present in Israel for their harmless missionary activities. What? Muslims allowed to proselytize to Jews inside Israel! Perhaps, Ahmadiyyas need to be reminded that right-wing Jews bring whole cities to a standstill if a Jew (even without changing religion) dares to marry a Palestinian. Besides, not a single Israeli Jew has ever been documented converting to Ahmadiyya, so this whole proselytizing excuse is nothing more than a big flat lie.

One simply has to look at “the role the ahmadiyya Jamaat played in establishing the Zionist State”, in order to understand their deep ties with Israel. This is not the topic right now, however it is important because the whole world should learn to look beyond the “Victim Card” the ahmadiyya community exploits whenever they are caught spreading spreading malicious content among innocent unsuspecting Muslims, under the disguise of “missionary activities”, under the “freedom of religion” rule. Whenever an ahmadiyya is questioned for suspicious activity, the whole of the Zionist owned western media yells – “another ahmadiyya Muslim oppressed by mainstream Muslims”, very similar to “Antisemitism Accusations” hurled by the same Western Media on anyone who dares to even question Israel or any of its policy. Besides, since when has Western Media become sympathetic to Muslims. This is the same Media, which has barely reported hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims killed by Americans in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, nor has this media properly reported the genocide of nearly half a million Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. And this same Zionist controlled Western Media is even guilty of spreading Islamophobia.

Finally, any one who is well aware of Baha’i & Ahmadiyya doctrines & their history, knows that Ahmadiyya movement is nothing more than a refined version of Baha’i Faith, just look at the striking number of similarities between these two religious movements, their aims, their allies & the consequences of their actions in the Muslim World. Both, Baha’i & Ahmadiyya are masters in presenting themselves as “Victims of Muslim Oppression”. Bahaism sprang from Shia Iran and Ahmadyya movement from Sunni India. The only difference is that, from the Baha’i experiment, Freemasons had realized that- at all costs, the Ahmadiyya movement should never shed the Muslim Tag from it, otherwise their ahmadiyya subjects would loose the deceptive Veil, which they utilise to move freely among Muslims.

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