Nixon’s Counselor Robert Dixon Crane’ s very interesting true Story

The late American president
He has a counselor named
Robert Dixon Crane
*He holds a doctorate in public law.
*Then a doctorate in international law,
*Then he became president of the Harvard Society of International Law,
*Adviser to President Nixon on Foreign Affairs, Deputy Director of the US National Security Council,
*He is considered one of the leading political experts in America.
*and founder of the Center for Civilization and Renewal in America,
He is fluent in six living languages.

One day, US President Nixon wanted to read about (Islam), so he asked the American intelligence to prepare a research for him on that subject, and indeed they carried out his orders, but their research was a bit long…
He asked his advisor, Robert Crane, to read the research and summarize it for him.
Indeed, Robert read the research, and then went to attend Islamic seminars and lectures to learn more about the subject…
And it was only days until the news of (Robert Crane) Islam resounded throughout the entire United States of America..!

He called himself Farouk Abdel Haq…
He says about the reason for his conversion to Islam: As a student of law, I found in Islam all the laws that I studied…
Even during my study at Harvard University for 3 years, I did not find in their laws the word (justice).
even once …
I found this word in Islam a lot…

He embraced Islam in 1981 and named himself (Farouq) after the name of Farouk Omar, may God be pleased with him and please him, who was the Imam of Justice after the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him…

  • He says:
    We were in a legal dialogue, and one of the Jewish law professors was with us, so he started talking and then started to delve into Islam and Muslims, so I wanted to silence him, so I asked him: Do you know the size of the inheritance law in the American Constitution..?
    He said: Yes, more than eight volumes.
  • so I told him:
    If I came to you with a law on inheritance in no more than ten lines, would you believe that Islam is a true religion?
  • He said:
    This can’t be.
    So I came to him with verses of inheritance from the Noble Qur’an and presented them to him, and he came to me after several days and said to me: A human mind cannot count all kinship relations with this comprehensiveness that does not forget anyone and then distributes the inheritance to them with this justice that does not oppress anyone … Then this Jewish man became Muslim ..!
    Dr. Robert Crane (Farouk),
    He is still alive, 91 years old.

Read it to know that Islam is the greatest law on earth.
Oh God, honor us with Islam
May God’s peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions, may God bless him and grant him peace
Do not read and leave
Just send it to someone else…

Living miracle; Quran, the final divine book 100% protected & preserved ever fresh! Do not leave this world without taking full benefit from this the most precious gift from the Creator of you and the entire universe!

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