Greetings to Christian fellows from a Muslim


Greetings! This message is from a Muslim to our fellow Christians. We share your joy of birth of Jesus (Peace be upon him)! We want to let you know that Muslims love Jesus and believe in him as a true messenger of the God. We love, respect and honor Jesus (PBUH) and his Virgin mother Mary (Maryam). The Quran: final divine fully preserved book in its original language and ever fresh gives significant details about Jesus, his life, his message, his miracles, his honored mother, his grandmother, his disciples, his appearance on the Day of Judgement. If you are interested, please go over the references below at – We Muslims make no difference between Jesus and other true messengers of the God such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Salmon, Jesus, and Muhammad (Peace be upon them). To us, Adam is the first and Muhammad (PBUH) is the final true messenger of the God. Muslims do not worship Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims worship One and Only the God, Creator and Sustainer of all the Universe and whatever is in it! Quran accurately describes what the God is, in the God’s own words!

With best regards. 


  1. Quran 19:30-31
  2. Quran 3:47-51
  3. Quran 4:157-158
  4. Quran 19:26
  5. Quran 5-117

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