And Who Controls Army?

We often forgot to mention who controls army in Pakistan and also several Muslim countries! In Pakistan army is controlled by generals who become Zionists’ agents when they go for courses overseas with few exceptions who refuse to become free masonry despite all offers!

The Zionists puppies in the form of Qadyanis, Free Masons etc control Pakistan’s army, judiciary and bureaucracy and that is called deep state or establishment! After Liaquat Ali they are virtually ruling and destroying Pakistan. They topple any relatively better civilian Governments! They lost all battles as they are totally incapable.

They have put their feet in the shoes of English colonial rulers. They have bought media and make hero into Zeros and vice versa! Only those benefit from army support army control over civilian! In last elections Bajwa and Faiz Hamid made an election rigging cell in GHQ! Bajwa and Faiz Hamid told Abdul Ghafoor Haidery to not interfere in what they are doing to Nawaz Sharif!

The election rigging cell arranged rigging at all stages; pre, intra and post poll rigging! This calls for the court martial of both Bajwa and Faiz Hamid for violation of the Constitution and their army oath! Since IK was the beneficiary of their misconduct he granted extension to Bajwa and kept Faiz Hamid on the post in ISI till approval of fraud electronic machine!

Army must be reformed into truly Islamic army and should perform its duties rather than indulging in various businesses etc!

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