Islamic University in Israel

“Islamic University” in Israel for Jews; how they destroyed khioafat e Usmania of Turkey through creation of Arab Nationalism and Arab First! Know how Zionists penetrate Muslim world through camouflaging as Muslims; Do- Namay in Turkey (inside Jew; outside Muslim name e.g. Ata Turk and his wife etc.) Qadyanis in Pakistan with outside Muslim name, inside Zionists slaves, Baha’is in Iran and Alwites in Syria! Imran Niazi, Bajwa, Musharraf, Nauman Bashir & his brother and sister, Karamat Jahangir, Rehman Malik, Fahatullah Babar, Aftab Shroapao, Anil Mussarat etc etc. have very strong Qadyani links

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