Imran Niazi’s Fraud Voting Machine

Imran quickly picked up the idea of using machine to rig the elections from 2020 Trump Biden elections. Trump pointed out the fraud by voting machines; Imran who had been a shrewd gambler caught the idea!

In the last elections Imran Niazi had full support of General Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed plus other Qadyani elements in establishment! The rigging cell at GHQ actively participated in rigging the elections at all stages; ore, intra and post poll stages.

Additionally he had profuse foreign funding from Israeli, Indian and Ismaili sources which bought almost all tv channels making him a hero while “transforming” his opponents into Zero

This time he came up with a devilish idea of making an electronic machine! With this magic machine you will not need people voting for you! They may vote for A,B , C but those will transform into your votes!

Imran had invented ball tampering in Cricket and is using Shaukat Khanum and Namal University into money making ventures for himself and his sisters who have become millionaires in no time!

People will insha Allah ultimately vehemently reject his frauds and his utterly dishonest practices and will hold him and his thieves accountable!

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