Zionists Movement of Defamation of Islam and Muslims!

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc are all controlled by Zionists! They proudly say we determine what Americans can see and hear! So I base my decision on the Hadith do everything opposite to them! Sometimes, rather often there is very thin line to determine who is slightly better among two very bad people; just watch their media; just go against whom they are favouring!

I think Dr. Mussadiq was the best for Iran, he was not taking their dictations so CIA organized as they themselves admit, demonstrations against him. They forced him to resign and the Zionists brought Shah in power; although he was dictator and unfortunately arrogant but he recognized their power! Shah’s actions were not defaming Islam or Muslims! Iran was stable and quite friendly with Pakistan and Turkey! But now they needed a Mullah Dracula with blood 🩸 dripping from his fingers! US embassy hostage drama was orchestrated by CIA itself to defame Islam to show the world that Muslims take their guests diplomats hostage with intense worldwide propaganda! This impressed very negative image of Islam on the minds of non Muslims across the globe. This was the beginning of their intensified defamation movement against Muslims supplemented by their own creation of Daeesh or ISIS, alQaeeda, Bokoharam, 9/11! They have made people engage in so much time and energy wasting activities so they little time to think and research!

Iran has agreement with India to use Iranian airports to attack Pakistan in case of war between India and Pakistan and Iran gave Chah Babar to India for spying and attack purposes! Lot of Indian RAW terrorists enter Pakistan via Iran and carry out terrorist attack! Imran made several secret visits to Iranian Embassy in Islamabad as well as to Pak Patan where he and his new wife prostrated i.e made sajdah to a grave which is an act of Shirk and the biggest sin; unforgivable by Allah unless repented and Allah forgiven

Pakistan’s Imran is also a Zionist puppet as he has appointed many Qadyanis (Qadyan religion was created by colonial English Zionists with cooperation of Nehru to keep Pakistan their slave after its independence in 1947) at key positions. As Zionists say friends are ours and enemies are ours too! They are master in Am. Style fully scripted wrestling matches (Noora Kushti) Iranians who took American embassy hostage were later given green cards and they were working in America!

I am sure still the solution for Muslim Ummah is the Quran and walking Quran I.e. final Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)! Quran will cover the journey of 1000 month in 1 night scale! We should work on that! Quran will give vision, strength, patience and tranquility and it will connect us jointly with Allah so believer’s hand will be Allah’s hand! Islam will liberate the West from the yoke of Zionists and so Zionists are trying their maximum to defame Islam by all means including their own orchestrated acts of terrorism for which they hold Muslims responsible.

All world mafias are controlled by Zionists, may they be Italian, Spanish, English or Pakistani! MQM a notorious terrorist outfit is fully supported by them and India! Imran’s cabinet has their 4 ministers including minister for law!!!

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