Nobel Prize is often granted on Zionist political interests!

Malala was given Nobel for defamation of Islam! She gave impression to the world that Islam does not allow woman education while in Islam education is expected from every woman and man from cradle to grave!

Swat has many girls schools and colleges! Western media needs such people who will serve their interest! But this world is too temporary and worthless comparing to Hereafter! First ever proper degree issuing University was made by a Muslim woman Fatimah in Morocco which is still active and granting degrees in various subjects. Jama tul Azhar is second university! Nobel prize is not Noble at all; it is often used for political Zionist interests!

Nobel peace prize was granted for instance to notorious life long Terrorist whose hands were red with the blood 🩸 of innocent women and men which also included British police officers!

To support a religious cult Qayaniat which was founded by English Zionists with help of Nehru, Nobel prize was given to Qadyani Abdus Salam. Nelson Mandela was awarded after he agreed to showpiece freedom of South Africa; which is still a Zionist controlled colony; all gold and diamonds forever are stolen by Zionists!

President Barak Obama was awarded as a lollipop after he made a U turn on closing Guantanamo bay!

“Nobel prize is often not noble”

— Anwar Ul Haque

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