It’s insult to the Creator & Sustainer and Owner of entire Universe to reduce Him to stone, animal, sun, fire 🔥or an embryo in womb or a helpless humiliated person being hanged!

Jesus (PBUH) was neither crucified nor killed! It’s absurd and out right insult to the Creator of entire universe and whatever inside to show him as an embryo in mother’s womb and then helplessly hanged! This teaching is that of Rabbi Saul (So called Saint Paul, the bitterest enemy of Jesus (PBUH) according to Encyclopedia of Brittanica) Muslims are much closer to Jesus! To meet Jesus, his Virgin mother, his maternal grand grandmother, his uncles, his disciples, his true message and how lifted to heavens please study Quran; particularly its 19th Surah titled Maryam (Mary)! You will pleasantly surprised!

When you buy a car or machine it’s manufacturer gives you operating manual. All creatures have operating manual in their DNA! Man has too but he has more than it because he has been given intellect and power of choice! For this the caring Creator had been not only providing the operating manuals but also the teachers who also serve as role models. The operating manuals had been divine books and the teachers had been the true Prophets!

As the time passed, updated divine books were given. Finally the man reached where paper was invented and it was easy to print books, the final prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent with the final divine book Quran which is a living miracle as its original language is made dust and rust free and it is preserved in its original language This was the era of astronomy, rockets and missiles, so the Final Prophet was given the miracles of bifurcation of moon and traveling faster than light!

The Glorious Quran also protects the lives of previous Prophets and their true messages which have been markedly corrupted over years by man additions, deletions and fabrications! Quran is absolutely unchangeable and hence teachings and lives of previous Prophets are also preserved!

The biggest fabrications are made about the God all Mighty Who is the Master Creator of everything. Right in the time of Moses (PBUH) some of his followers took a Golden Calf and then a Golden Bull as god! Many pagans take stones. statues, animals and even stars, moon and Sun as god. Some took fire as god! Amazing the God who gives life is reduced to lifeless, the God who is the utmost wise and knowledgeable is reduced to dumb animals, Paul reduced the God to an embryo in woman’s womb and then a helpless man on the cross! Nothing could be farthest from truth and dignity and honor of the Most Dignified, the Most Honorable, absolutely free of any weakness or blemishes. If a man is called a pig, dog or monkey etc he gets very upset while there many things common in man and animals but nothing is common or comparable between man and the God except that out of immense intellect & total knowledge of the God, which He has bestowed very small amount on man like tiny amount of water on the beak of a bird 🦅 out an ocean!

Quran gives true knowledge and description of the God as the God Himself is describing Himself in His own words! To take partner with the God is huge sin and to try to degrade Him is also the greatest sin and greatest ungratefulness! The more you have knowledge of things e.g; more humble and more fearful of you of all Mighty God!

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