Reality of Qadyaniat or so-called Ahmadi “Muslims”

Before granting independence to Pakistan, Zionist English rulers made sure that after their departure they will still keep ruling Pakistan albeit indirectly through their puppets and puppies. Indian Brahmins also had also interest in keeping enslaved! There are many similarities between Zionists & Brahmins including their racist, apartheid practices and hatred toward Islam Muslims.

Although Zionists had in their bag Free Masons, Rotary Clubs and some sects ready to bow down to their whims and desires; Zionists felt it necessary to create a religious cult something similar to Bahis of Iran and Do Namay of Turkey who will serve them from inside while outwardly posing Muslims!

Ata Turk of Turkey and his wife were crypto Jews Do Namay (Two face) and Mehmood Abbas of Palestinian Authority on the West Bank and life long buddy of life long Terrorist and mastermind of 9/11 Aerial Sharon!

In India they created a new religious cult called Qadyaniat as it was created in the town of Qadyan. They chose a dishonest and filthy person whose ancestors were known to work against Muslims and to serve British colonists! His name was Ghulam Ahmad. With enormous monetary support and Government carrots and sticks as well exploitation of poor, many weak, feeble minded and greedy people were recruited in this cult that openly went against very basic belief and concept Islam i.e., Muhammad (PBUH) was the final messenger of one and only God! And Quran being last ever preserved and ever fresh Divine book! As British Zionists did not want armed resistance to their ongoing wars and oppressions, they encouraged this cults who will oppose jihad and Quran as Quran clearly orders fighting against oppression and suppression!

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was not even decent person. His past was marred by his failure in simple examinations and indulging in frauds! He based his claims on dreams and false claims! He complained to British Queen that they have not paid him enough for his services to them! He boosted that he had written closets full of books against Quranic teaching and particularly against Jihad

English Zionists had full backing and support of Pundit Nehru. Qadyanis were not like other minorities or other beliefs. They were created by the British Zionists with support of Brahmins to serve their interests and against interests of Muslims particularly Pakistanis!

How successful Zionists were in their schism could be judged from the following facts:

1. Pakistan’s first Foreign Minister “Sir” Zafraullah was a Qadyani who used his position and foreign office to recruit people into Qadyaniat and disseminated his cult throughout the world! Of course Israeli embassies helped and supported their missions

2. Qadyanis had become so powerful that Government of Pakistan killed hundreds of Muslim Scholars who demanded removal of Qadyani foreign minister and gave death sentence to a prominent scholar for writing a book on finality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)! The death sentence was later commuted to 7 year imprisonment under external Muslim countries’s pressure!

3. Their success can be gauged also by the fact that initially Pakistan Air Force was all comprised of Qadyanis except one or two who submitted false declaration being Qadyani while they were not for example Air Marshal Noor Khan!

4. Their success may also be judged by the fact that many Pakistani army chiefs and some air force and Naval Chiefs had been Qadyanis! Examples include Karamat Jahangir, Musharraf, Air Marshal Zulfiqar and Nauman Bashar

5. Although Qadyanis play game of self pity and being oppressed and suppressed, the fact is that they are occupying key positions in every sphere! They even have their own state within the state called Rabwa or Chanab Nagar! Their presence in bureaucracy and high Government offices and establishment is quite palpable!

6. Qadyanis are controlling Pakistan’s several political parties. Pakistan’s implanted Imran Khan’s maternal side is all Qadyani. His mother Shaukat Khanum was born Qadyani while his maternal grandfather Ahmed Hassan built first Qadyani worship house in Basti Baba Khail in Qadyan and his grand grandfather Munshi Gohar Ali from Jalandhar was number 15 out of 313 earliest believers in fake prophet Ghulam Ahmad

7. Imran’s cabinet contain many Qadyanis. He has appointed Governor State Bank, an IMF employe who is said to be a Qadyani with Iranian Jewish wife! He has appointed a mediocre and ill character Shahazad Akbar to make fake cases and throw his political opponents in jails without proving any crime. Sania Nishtar of Ahsasas program also has Qadyani roots and Pervaiz Khattak, and his hum Zulf CM KP is also said to be transformed Qadyani through their Qadyani 2nd wives

8. Qadyanis in Save the Children is suspected to be involved in Pak army school attack on 16th December. Perhaps this was an attempt to forget Fall of Dacca on the very same date and not to learn our blunders leading to this sad event!

9. Aftab Sher Pao of JQP is hum Zulf iEjaz Raheem is also known Qadyani! Interesting he is in apposition alliance and close to Fazal Ur Rehman!

10. PPP is controlled by Farhatullah Babar who is a known Qadyani! Zardai’s daughter has married to son of a wealthy Qadyani!

11. Rehman Malik in PPP and MQM is a diehard Qadyani who is a close buddy of Zardari and was involved in daylight murder of Shahnawaz Bhutto, brother of Benazir and later fabricating fake will of Benazir at the house of Babar Awan ! Rehman Malik as interior minuster allowed hundreds of Black Water terrorists in Pakistan who created numerous acts of terrorism in Pakistan!

12. PML (N) has relatively few Qadyanis! Prominent leader Pervaiz Rashid comes from Qadyani family! His brother Wajahat Rashid was boycotted by many on his Qadyani background. Although he denies that he will s not Qadyani but his aversion to Islam is well known! Anosha Rehman was also said to be Qadyani but she was not given assembly ticket this time! Nawaz Sharif appointed Mysharraf who wife is known Qadyani! When a man marries Tina Qadyani woman, he declares that he has become Qadyani! Nawaz Sharif appointed current army chief and later supported his extension while Bahwa’s wife is said to be Qadyani

13. Hidden Qadyani hands helped RAW terrorists destroy Pakistan AWAK airoplane at Kamra and especial missile fitted naval airplanes at KAMIRA

14. Imran Niazi has made especial corridor for Qadyanis to travel between Pakistan and India without Visa under the disguise of Kartarpur Rahdari for Sikhs while Sikhs did not this corridor as they had been coming to Pakistan via Wahaga Border!

15. India grants visas to Qadyanis from European countries in brown envelope so Qadyanis fly to India without their Pakistani passports being stamped! India trains some Qadyanis in spying and terrorism

16. Qadyanis are in Israeli army and they assured Moodi on his visit to Israel that they are with them! Qadyanis! Israel nominated and supported Pakistan’s Qadyani for International Court of Justice and Zionists awarded Physicist Abdus Salam Nobel Prize for spying over Pakistan Nuclear Program

Muhammad (PBUH)’s finality of prophethood is evident in Torah, Bible and Quran. This fact is also mentioned in several authentic ahadith! These references are given below as well as some good documentary on internet and YouTube!

The chief of Qadyani cult’s Name was Ghulam Ahmad meaning servant of Ahmad. Ahmad is another name for Prophet Muhammad as mentioned in Quran also. The followers of this cult call themselves as Ahmadies which makes no sense! They should call themselves as Ghulam Ahmadis as they have nothing to do with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after not accepting as final Prophet and not accepting Quran as final divine book. They have insulted Jesus, his mother and even grand mother. They have insulted Syedna Imam Hussain RA.

Ghulam Ahmad was so mentally sick that he in book Noah’s boat (کشتی نوح) says that he became Mary and then he got pregnant and he then came out after 10 months of pregnancy as Jesus himself!

It’s unfortunate that several Western countries notably Britain, Germany and Denmark etc are supporting this cult! Their embassies play notorious role in luring young Muslim boys toward Qadyaniat. Of course Israel and India are there main patrons!


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“محمد ص اللہ کے رسول اور خاتم انبین ہیں” قرآن مجید

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