Political Islam?

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

France as usual is carrying out one of the worst discrimination and defamation of Islam! President of France 🇫🇷 is trying to get more votes from naive Frenchmen who like most westerners and some easterners have no knowledge of Islam! I am not blaming these people for their ignorance! I am holding Muslims mostly responsible for this and partly to those who know Islam but deliberately defame it thus depriving the mankind of enormous blessings which Islam brings to personal life, family and society!

What is politics? Of course due to some bad politicians, politics itself is defamed! Politics to me is science and art of management; in fact it is more art than science! In famous book “100 Most Influential People” listed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the most influential person of all time for mankind; and one of his attributes mentioned included that he was the best politician!

You need superb intelligence, courage, patience, knowledge, tolerance and Allah’s constant guidance and help to bring Muslims to the top of civilizations, crush superpowers without much destruction and civilian bloodshed and that civilization founding all modern sciences in the Golden Age of Islam which benefitted the West the most as it induced renaissance and industrial revolution in the West! This led to one Englishman to comment is the recent British Academy of Sciences meeting that has Muslim dominance not destroyed. we would be 600 years before there as we are where now! Again I am not blaming hostile Western Powers who even burnt the most valuable books, but I hold Muslims responsible for the degeneration and necrosis which actually resulted from their departure from Quran

The fight and rivalry between Man and Satan began when the almighty God made man Governor of the earth to implement His teachings and the chosen path so that man attain maximum potential and live with tranquility! And for this purpose, He put His sprit of intellect in human beings and gave them the power of acquiring, retaining and reproducing knowledge & information and made all the unseen powers (Angels) to obey them!

The Satan could not take this as he wanted to rule the world! The almighty God did grant him the capability to put his ideas in human mind! The Satan first displayed his power in heaven by making both Adam and Eve naked! The Merciful God taught both how to repent if made a mistake and He forgave both, so there is no original sin hanging on the head of every newborn innocent baby! Man bower has power to reject the Satanic evil ideas and not succumb to the his temptations (Quran 2: 30-39)

Islam is thus the system or path of life chosen by the almighty God from very beginning. It is a straight, logical and free of confusion! caring almighty Allah sent the manuals i.e divine books and the teachers/ role models i.e the Prophets; first being Adam himself and there was then a chain of books and the prophets (PBUT) ending in Muhammad with final divine book Quran, which is unchangeable, ever preserved in its original language and ever fresh with no contradiction with science or human psychology. In all respects it’s a living miracle and the most precious gift from the God almighty. Islam means peace through submission to the almighty God and that was the religion of all the Prophets including Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad (PBUT) and all adherent to Islam are Muslims, so all the Prophets and their true followers are Muslims!

Therefore in nutshell Islam is very much political and this involves doing and saying what is right and not doing and forbidding what is wrong! The criteria of right and wrong is from none other than the God! There is no extremism or unnecessary violence against civilians in Islam. Saying truth, not cheating, helping others, getting and imparting education, not oppressing and suppressing and standing against oppression is Islam! Not discriminating based on color, place and ethnicity is Islam, not consuming drugs and toxins like alcohol, heroin etc is Islam, giving people’s their rights and dispensing justice is Islam! Islam is not the name of mere rituals! The almighty Allah has not created mankind for mere rituals. The worship in Muslims is supposed to put Islam in their lives; if it is not doing so then that act of worship is defective and needs rectification!

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