A Thief Called Imran Khan

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Compassionate & Merciful

History has seen all sorts of thieves, but some thieves are unique. One of such thieves is Imran Khan of Pakistan, a so-called Prime Minister of Pakistan! This lifelong playboy personality seems to be totally made up of building blocks of theft and Deception. In his own words the bookies of gambling in England were afraid of him as he will play such tricks that they would not understand, and he will win the gamble. In Cricket he invented ball tempering using 7up bottles’ metal lids.

One of the hobbies of Imran Khan Niazi was to flirt with young ladies and thrive on their money. He is father of several illegitimate children. He does not take the financial responsibility of those poor kids. In one notorious case he did not give even his name to his very own daughter Terrine while her mother died next day demanding only his name for his and her daughter. A Californian court officially verified that Imran Khan was the real father of her. The girl is now being raised by his ex-wife Jamima in England. For details please read his ex wife Reham Khan’s book!

Family Background: Imran Khan’s father was a middle-class bureaucrat who was fired by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto on mega corruption. Bhutto fired 303 most corrupt bureaucrats on massive corruption and his father was among those! His mother Shaukat Khanum was a born Qadyani , daughter of Ahmad Hassan who built first Qadyani worship house in basti Baba Khail in Jalandhar. His maternal great great grandfather Munshi Gohar Ali was the 15th person to believe in the pseudoprophet Ghulam Ahmed who founded a religious cult called Qadyaniat on the inducement of English Colonial Zionists with help of Pundit Nehru so that they can keep ruling Pakistan even after its apparent independence! English Zionists provided all support like high Government jobs, jobs in foreign missions of Pakistan and air force which was almost 100% comprised of Qadyanis except one or two who falsely claimed to be Qadyanis.

This model is not a new one ! Zionists have implanted cruel Alvite terrorists in Syria. Zionist Putin to Zionist slave rulers of the West all support in one way or other way to Alvite Bashar al-Asad as they were supporting his father Hafiz al-Asad who notoriously killed 30,000 people in one day, by carpet bombing and entire world media remained blind, deaf, and dumb including so called free media of free USA. Zionists found a perfect “donkey” (In Pakistan donkey is considered without much brain animal) to rule Pakistan for them! They groomed him, got him married into a rich Zionist family! The marriage however ended after several years

Imran Khan is not truly Pathan as can be seen! He can hardly speak Pustho language. His maternal ancestors from Jalandhari Punjabi background. He used word Khan to fool the people of KP province where vast majority are Pashtuns! These Pashtuns usually dislike Panjabis so this worked out for him, and people did not vote for Nawaz Sharif because he was Punjabi, although, he is Kashmiri and voted for Imran considering him a Pashtoon while he has a Punjabi family background. Like all hypocrites, Imran is a good and convincing speaker especially for the naives’ He can geographically join Japan and Germany and move train faster than speed of light and create 12 seasons in a year! All apparently due to Cocaine induced mental fogging, over confidence and verbatim!

Imran Khan Niazi has all the characteristics of a perfect hypocrites which are described in Quran Majeed and Sabih Hadis! Quran’s Surah Al-Baqrah gives these characteristics in the very beginning (2nd Ruku) and also in Surah al-Munafiqoon! Prophets Muhammad has also enumerated hypocrites’ characteristics which include; Lies, violation of trust, abusive language while quarreling etc!

With help of foreign funding from Zionists and Brahmins as well Ismailis and some others notably Iran and top generals in Pakistan army he was able to steal the 2018 elections. Huge money was paid to the media under London plan who’s intense 24/7 propaganda turned Nawaz Sharif into evil and Imran into hero. Despite these and all pre-poll rigging, the military rulers and election commission had to do lot of blatant rigging to steal the elections for him! His financiers looted abundantly as a reward! For example he remains silent over selling of Habib Bank to Aga Khan, estimated to be over 200 billions for just 10 billions and that money was paid from Habib Bank’s own funds rather than Aga Khan’s own pocket!

Imran did everything which he had condemned before. He said it is better to commit suicide than to go to IMF for loans. But then he borrowed more loans in 3 years than Nawaz Sharif’s five years without any project! Nawaz Sharif carried out numerous projects with loans but Imran did not any worth mentioning project. One project his KP Government did for transport that is marred with huge corruption and product is of very dubious quality!

He filled his cabinet with the most incompetent and dishonest persons belonging to Zardari, Musharraf, Hindu Altaf, Chaudharis, Zikris and Qadyanis. Living in a palace of more than 300 kanal Imran is the big thief of taxes. He pays only about 10,000 Rs. Per month. A 20 grade Government living in one Kanal pays 10 times more tax than Imran Khan!

Imran Khan is very miser and dependent on corrupt rich people to feed him in terms of his petrol or gas bills, food, cars etc .These corrupt financial patrons/ investors are commonly known as ATMs for example Jahangir Tareen who bought lot of assembly members! Imran Niazi granted him permission to export precious metal to China ! He reportedly makes millions every day! He received huge funds from foreign hostile forces such as Indian, Israeli and Ismailis. Iran has also helped him and one declared and banned Terrorist organization with name change became his power sharing party. Election Commission did not declare Imran Khan incompetent to hold the office of P.M mainly because of Qadyani elements in the high ranks of army which also prevented just decisions from the courts.

The loots and thefts of Imran who is morally and ethically bankrupt and addicted to cocaine include but not limited to:

  1. Enormous IMF Loans
  2. Enormous kickbacks in various projects such as BRT of Peshawar
  3. Huge Corruption in so called billion tree project
  4. Digestion of huge taxes due to Imran and his sisters
  5. His theft on State Treasure including 300 tolas of gold
  6. Stealing the expensive diamonds watch worth millions
  7. Digesting charity money comprised of Zakat and Khairat donated by so many Muslims to treat poor patients
  8. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital is enormous source of money as the hospital treats very few poor patients and money spent on these poor patients is taken back from Government funds
  9. Land grabbing from local population in the areas where Namal University is built again heavily charging the students and the huge profits going into Imran Niazi’s pockets
  10. Writing off loot enormous loot money of his patron friends! These thefts are only tip of iceberg! A deep and thorough investigation into Imran Niazi’s massive corruption is awaited
Imran sold out Indian occupied Kashmir! He was not willing to even condemn Indian deletion of 370 and 35A

Look at the following! Imran used to blame Zardari for massive corruption but his cabinet is full of Zardari people

Imran used Musharraf’s created so called anti corruption NAB which violates the very basic and fundamental principle of justice that you are innocent until proven guilty. Here by putting some false allegations you can put your innocent opponents in jails for months! They have to prove their innocence!
Imran Niazi’s chair is fully supported by notorious NAB and the Qadyani elements in top circle of the army and bureaucracy! Imran Niazi uses Mossad tactics I.e blackmailing to get his desired verdicts! Chairman NAB and late Justice Arshad were used to get unjust decisions against Nawaz Sharif etc! He also uses carrots for the judges! Many prominent judges got very expensive plots in balloting in Islamabad almost free!
Imran Niazi’s links with terrorists and Qadyanis
His son with extremely rich Aneel Mysdarat
Imran’s Qadyani Connection through Some Pro Qadyani Sikhs
Imran’s Qadyani Connection through Some Pro Qadyani Sikhs
Imran’s daughter Terrin, whom he did not even give his name! Her mother Sita White died next day in suspicious circumstances after a press statement demanding his name for their daughter
Cartoon depicts his loud donkey speeches with no performance. There is enormous poverty because of his dishonesty and incompetence!
Imran’s Qadyani Connection. Aneel Mussarat and a pop singer! Imran has appointed numerous Qadyanis at key positions including Shahzad Akbar and Chairman PCB “”
Qadyani Cult’s Chief who had fully backed his man Imran Khan Niazi
Late Hakeem Saeed’s book which revealed Imran being a puppet and Puppy of Zionists. Hakeem Said was later assassinated

Imran used terrorism along with buddy Tahirul Qadri and help of Shuja Pasha. Here one of the terrorists whom later media through photoshop made Shahbaz Sharif’s man. Imran Terrorism in model town
Justice (R) Nisar Saqib; one of the most dishonest and biased vindictive judges

Imran Khan as a Government Paid Social Media which is always barking like a rabid dog on the opponents using most filthy language and all sorts of lies

Pseudo prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s book showing Imran Niazi’s maternal t greatgreatfatherfather Munshi Gohar Ali (#15) among his early followers

“ To destroy a nation from within you implant the most dishonest & incompetent leaders”

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