9/11 The Real Story

As I watched on TV in Islamabad Big Towers coming down nicely & precisely I knew this was nothing but controlled inner demolition and I knew the culprit was none other than Israel! I hit the key board of my computer right then and typed the reasons of my deduction and conclusion! I sent this write up based on my observations and prior knowledge of 1st attack on World Trade Center (February 26, 1993). This was perhaps the very first true report on 9/11/2001 WTC callous and inhuman attack! I forwarded my write to many news agencies and newspapers; one or two of which passed it on to their readers!

The first attack was carried out by Mossad agent Josie Hudas! For this purpose she had hired a jobless Palestinian driver Muhmmad Slameh! She ordered her to rent a Ryder van for her. He rented the van and gave the keys to her! A few days afterwards Josie Hudas told him that the van was stolen! Poor Slameh went to NY police to register the theft. They asked him to give the plate number of the van. He went to the Ryder company and got the plate number and gave to the police. As he was returning to his work, he was arrested!

Josie Hudas has used the van to blast which killed six innocent men! Luckily he had put the phone number of his boss on the form, from which police traced the apartment of Josie Hudas and they broke into the apartment where they found bomb drawings and bomb material. This was shown on CNN breaking news! At that time CNN was unaware that Josie Hudas was Mossad agent! The moment they realized Name and place Of Josie Hudas disappeared from US Media and entire blame was shifted to innocent Muhammad Slameh who was framed by Judie Hudas! Not only Slameh was punished but all Muslims and Islam was held hostage and blamed for the attack!

Muhammad Slameh was tried and punished maximum solitary confinement for 86 years! He could not afford a lawyer so the Government provided him one lawyer. After the proceedings she said it was the worst massacre of justice in the history of USA! She said that jury was constantly hammered with the argument that even there was 1% chance he was involved in the crime he must be punished! The 1% chance included presence of any person in 10 miles radius!

There are numerous evidences and scientific proofs that the towers did not fall by places he’s hit! Moreover it was not possible for the pilots to hit the planes that accurately flying with such a high speed!

These are some of the proofs that 9/11 was an inside job, more precisely by the Zionists of Israel and USA! Bush had the full knowledge of the plan!

1. Very experienced American pilots have on scientific grounds ruled out the possibility that pilots struck the towers with such accuracy! These planes must have been remotely controlled! It seems that these planes were controlled remotely from some ship in the harbor or somewhere else!

2. American architects and engineers prove on many scientific proofs that neither steal can be molten by simple refund petroleum fuel. Even if steal is molten it will immediately solidify like candle

3. USA scientists had shown that nano particles from the site of 9/11 leave no doubt that it was inner demolition

Now let’s see who are the beneficiaries of this war? The only real beneficiary of the war is Zionists! There were many avenues of benefits including;

1. Muslims and Islam were defamed

2. NATO forces were mobilized and used against Muslims

3. Not only Afghanistan but Iraq and other Muslims countries were attacked and their oil and other resources were snatched

4. Saudi Arabia was particularly targeted so that it can be attacked in future. Already for this purpose Israel and Iran are using Hothi tribe fir repeated attacks from Yemen side

5. Pakistan was also targeted and large scale blood shed was carried out! Through NATO trucks the Zionists supplied arms to the Terrorist groups in Pakistan such as notorious MQM

6. Over 60 billions $ heroin was grown annually in NATO controlled areas in Afghanistan according to UN report! This heroin was smuggled by Zionists to the West. Zionists made lot of money while sizable population in the West succumbed under heroin effects and many others are suffering from ill effects of heroin!

7. The big arms manufacturers made hell of money as you know the biggest profit is in arms and for the demands of arms you have to create wars! As Quran clearly says that the Zionists ignite the flames war and Allah cools it down. What about killings of hundreds of thousands innocent people? You perhaps know that the Zionists are antihuman as they considerably non Jewish people as talking animals against whom all crimes are kosher! They even call Non Jews as gentile meaning basted in Hebrew!

8. Apart from arms, the Zionists made huge profits through banks, insurance, contractors, transport and supplies! How much money Americans were made to put in the Zionists pockets? Well it is estimated at 8 trillions apart from heroin money!

The fake media played key role in spreading lies and hence contributed to the killings and drug business! The same media which talks about human rights violations in Afghanistan becomes totally dumb when it comes to gross violations of human rights in Israel, Syria and Kashmir!

Even Pentagon produced fake movies of Osama employing actors. President Obama and Secretary Hillary shamelessly lied about killing of OBL in Abbottabad while he had died long time back in Afghanistan from kidney disease. He was on dialysis for sometime! To hide the truth a drama of throwing alleged OBL body in the sea 1000 miles away! They knew well that anyone could have put a hair and proved that deceased is not OBL by DNA test!

Pentagon even released a fake video carrying a fake OBL. Look at his picture and compare it with real Osama picture on the title page of Time

This is the real story of 9/11. OBL had nothing to do with 9/11. He actually condemned this heinous crime on the very same day that was published only in daily Ummat Karachi next day. However the powerful Zionist mafia made sure that this condemnation will not be seen by most people in the world.

Real Osama, compare his eyebrow with the fake Osama,
Master fake videos maker Rita Katz. He videoed are run as news!
Top 2 State Terrorists
The purpose of the UN is to serve Zionist using world resources

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