9/11 was a Zionist Act!

This heinous act was committed by Israeli & US Zionists under the explicit orders of Aerial Sharon to create an excuse to restore Afghan heroin for Zionist drug mafia! Sharon can be seen on CNN ordering “You have to go in”! One year prior attack on WTC was carried out by Mossad agent Josie Hudas. CNN in breaking news showed her apartment contains bomb drawing and some bomb material. A Palestinian driver Muhammad Slameh was framed by her as she ordered him to rent Ryder van which she used for blast. Poor Slameh had no clue of the intent of his boss who is since then living in Israel while Slameh is in maximum solitary confinement jail for 86 years. The American female lawyer described Slameh verdict as the biggest massacre of justice in the history of United States!

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