Corona is the God’s punishment for our lies and wrong doings! Let us repent

Islam is grossly defamed in India and all over the world! 9/11 was not done by Muslims; it was a Zionist plot to created a justification to attack Kabul and restore billions $ annual Afghan heroin for Zionist drug mafia!

Mullah Omer actually saved lives of lots of non Muslims by banning heroin cultivation in Afghanistan. He could have taken a cut or commission and allowed heroin and would have become billionaire in no time. He took all the beatings for not accepting this and obeying Allah (the God all mighty’s command which doesn’t allow all narcotics!

Salute to Mullah Omer. As Quran says Allah’s curse is on the liars! Corona is one such curse! Time to speak truth! Let’s repent and stop supporting terrorists whether they are Israelis, or Indians in India and Kashmir or Alvites in Syria or Sissy in Egypt etc etc

We are also accepting unnatural sexual practices including homosexuality! A whole nation of the Prophet Lot (PBUH) was destroyed because of this sin. We had already have numerous sexually transmitted diseases as prophesied by the final prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Unfortunately Masjid, Church, Temples and Synagogues are silent on this gross disobedience of the God all might. We must speak against these crimes against family life , family destruction! We must repent.

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