Price of Afghan War!

While Muslims were blamed but the fact is that forces which did USS Liberty, the forces which did Levon affair, forces which attacked WTC first time also did 9/11

The forces which killed President Kennedy, the forces which killed many many Palestinians, the forces which prevented President Johnson and secretory Robert McNamara from sending help to injured Americans

Which is that force force which NATO forces went Afghanistan with might of 50 countries to restore heroin drug for Zionists drug mafia so that they can make money by killing and make mang Americans and Europeans through hard drugs!

The same forces patronized London, Spanish, Italian and Pakistani mafias. The very same forces which tried to hang Jesus but miserably failed!

The very same forces which created Free Masons, Rotary and Lion clubs etc. The very same forces which created Bahies in Iran, Alvites in Syria and Qadyanis in Pakistan

The very same forces which killed US marines in Lebanon! The very same forces which which imposed implanted Jesus’ worst enemy’s Rabbi Paul’s deviations and fabrications on Christian world!

Indeed America and Europeans paid very heavy price for slavery of these forces! The solution is Islam as people saw their open eyes victory of bare feet poor people against mighty combined forces of 50 most advance countries! This shows clearly that it’s futile practice of fighting all mighty God! The God’s final book Quran is preserved and well protected in it’s original language word by word. This book 📕 will save Americans and Europeans in all aspects! Their families will be saved and they will have immense tranquility

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