Afghan Heroin War enters into a new phase; Jesus return is Close!

On CNN, Sharon was shouting “You will have to go in” apparently at Bush junior! And then Bush had several traumatic marks on his face which media said was due to pretzel got stuck in his throat!!! This seemed to me as if some people had hit him to do something which he was reluctant to do!

! It reminds me also of Clinton who was initially reluctant to destroy al- Shifa pharmacy in Sudan which was manufacturing medicines at fraction of prices for poor people living in Arab countries; of course the act annoyed big Pharma! It was unforgivable sin!

Bill Clinton was not listening to the pressure of big Pharma, so big Pharma decided to teach him a lesson through Monika missile! Poor Bill succumbed to relentless Monika missile attacks! And finally agreed to launch Tomahawk missiles attacks to destroy OBL built al- Shifa pharmacy in Sudan for the poor!

Seems Bush junior also succumbed to Big Fat Boar’s ( Sharon) enormous weight and allowed inside job of Inner demolition of the World Trade Center killing over 3700 human beings; both Americans and non Americans and media created a third grade Jaws film full of errors! They dumped the entire garbage of lies on Islam and Muslims who had nothing to do with this cold blood massacre!

This was second attack on World Trade Center; the first was a year or so prior by Mossad agent Josie Hudas who framed an innocent Palestinian driver Slameh. That incidence was shown in News break on CNN. The bomb drawings and bomb material were found in Josie Hudas apartment!

But then after some time, CNN realized that she was a Mossad operator and so… she completely disappeared from the scene and began living a luxurious life in Israel!

On the other hand, the poor innocent Palestinian driver Muhammad Slameh is serving in most cruel jail! He will apparently live there till his death except if Allah makes some way for him to get out! The American lawyer provided by the Government pronounced the Jury’s verdict as the biggest massacre of justice in the history of America! It’s a little different matter that after few years poor brilliant innocent Dr. Sad to n

The attack on Kabul was for restoring annual 66 billion $ heroin for Sharon’s drug mafia. 9/11 date was deliberately chosen to thwart People’s first ever planned world wide commemoration of Sharon’s orchestrated Shatilla- Sabira massacre in late September! As a result of extremely vigorous false propaganda Muslims did not dare to hold those protest rallies against Sharon directed killing of over 3000 innocent and defenseless women in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

On the other hand it seems that world Zionists have finally selected an Iranian Jewish child as their messiah to take over the reins of New World Order! This interestingly follows the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s prediction in authentic book titled Sahih Muslim which says that in the military brigade of anti-Christ or Dajjal there will be 70,000 (meaning many thousands, 70 for many in Arabic language l) people wearing black garments from Isfahan! And according to some other of his saying so called Jewish messiah will also be an Iranian Jew!

In Hebrew bible there is reference to this but of course with made fabrication and errors! According to the final messenger of the God Muhammad (Muhammad means praiseworthy; wrongly translated as Comforter (change of a single letter) in Bible!

In the light of predictions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Jesus (PBUH) will return as a Muslim follower of Muhammad ( All messengers had been Muslims; meaning obedient of Allah and peaceful). He will come to a masjid (mosque) in Syria before sunrise prayer and will pray behind a Muslim imam and afterwards will take over the command of final battle. The Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan will join Jesus armed forces. Finally Jesus (PBUH) will kill anti-Christ so called Hebrew Iranian Messiah at Lud ( Israeli airport)! Then Christians will realize their mistakes as they had been following Jesus bitterest enemy Rabbi Paul (so called Saint Paul)! They will realise that Jesus was saved and was not crucified and hence crosses will disappear l. They will kill the pig I.e. they will stop eating pig as it’s eating was prohibited!

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