Qadiani Problem: Great Book by Maudodi must read to understand Imran Khan Niazi

A great book by Syed Abul Aala Maudodi. English Zionists founded religious cult Qadianiat which had become so strong that merely on writing this superb scholarly work Maudodi was sentenced to death!

Maudodi was about to be hanged but he did not render apology saying that if his death is destined by Allah, no one could prevent it; and if not, no one can can execute it!

His words proved truth and showed immense power of faith in Islam. A true believer is never afraid of death as his life after “death” is far better than his/her present life! Maudodi had to be released under immense public pressure as well as pressure of some Muslim countries!

The book carries out a detailed autopsy of Zionist founded and Brahmin backed religious cult under the leadership of Zionist puppet and puppy Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (literal meaning of his name is slave of Ahmad which was other name of Muhammad; how slave becomes master is in itself is funny!)

This is a must read book fir those who are interested in understanding Qadyani cult (So called “Ahmadya” or “Ahmadi Muslims”!) English Zionists in collaboration with Hindus created this religious cult to keep ruling Pakistan after apparent independence of Pakistan! They are somewhat similar to Do-Namay and Young Turks of Turkey who are inside Jews with outside Muslim name for example Ata Turk!

With international Zionists support and Israeli backing the cult is able to occupy main positions in Pakistan! With implanted Imran Khan Niazi Qadyanis had been given more key positions. In order to defame Islam and Muslims Qadyanis had carried out attacks on Churches e.g. in Khaniwal. Like their guardians Zionists and Israel, Qadyanis always play “innocent” and “oppressed”! They even met President Trump to complain about their baseless claims of being oppressed and suppressed while reality is just the opposite!

In 1959s hundreds of Islamic scholars were killed in Pakistan by military operation under the command of notorious Sikandar Mirza! A foolish and heartless General Azam Khan carried out this bloody shootings of civilians obeying commands of drunk Sikandar Mirza! Like Murza Ghulam Ahmed Sikandar Mirza had long family history of betraying Muslims and serving enemies for petty worldly rewards. Ghulam Ahmed write lengthy letter to English Queen for compensating for his services. It should be noted that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed died in a toilet with feces coming out of his mouth and Sikandar Mirza who was once the President of Pakistan served as door Opner man for a big hotel in England!

Maudodi’s another book titled “Finality of the Prophethood” is also on the same subject proving that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the final prophet and messenger of the God all mighty and the Quran is the final divine book of the One and Only God!

Israel supports Qadyanis as expected throughout the world as Zionists were the real founder of this cult. British Zionists used sticks and carrots to convert greedy ill faith Muslims into Qadyanis. Several Western countries are actively involved including Germany and Holland to get greedy Muslim youth to convert to this cult! Australian Government also facilitated in growth of this cult. In the last visit of Moodi, Israeli settled Qadyanis hugged him and assured him their full support

It should be noted that Imran Khan Niazi’s grand grand maternal father Munshi Gohar Ali and maternal grand Ahmed Hassan were among thise who sold their faith to convert to Qadyani cult to get “benefits” from British rulers! His mother Shaukat Khanum was a born Qadyani. With such credentials and playboy life long history and extremely miser and greedy nature, Imran Khan Niazi was the fit choice for implantation on Pakistan. Many past military and some air force and occasional Naval Chiefs had been Qadyanis also!

Thanks God Pakistani Muslims are realizing these facts! We can see clearly more turmoils in upcoming days in Pakistan specially with growing influence of Talibans in neighboring Afghanistan!

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