Was Paul a Saint?

The book 100 Most influential people of the world ranks Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the most influential person and there is no doubt in it. Interestingly the book does not list Jesus (PBUH) among the most influential persons but rather lists “Saint” Paul among the most influential persons. The book does not takes account of good or bad; just the impact of a person on the modern world! In case of Muhammad (PBUH); its entirely a positive and healthy effect. Please read my previous blog titled Ibn e Sina! If Muhammad (PBUH) had not come entire world would still be in the Dark Ages!

On contrary effect of Paul who according to Encyclopaedia Britannica was the bitterest enemy of Jesus (PBUH) was catastrophically bad on the world and human civilisation. All loyal disciples of Jesus (PBUH) rejected Paul. Jesus’s maternal cousin James strongly denounced Paul on derailing the followers from the teachings of Jesus (PBUH).

Saint Barnabas who initially was the opinion to accept Paul saying if someone is ashamed of his mistakes should be given a chance while other disciples were very suspicious of Paul in light of his treacheries and enmity to Jesus (PBUH). Barnabas later recognised his blunder and regretted all his life!

Saint was a screwed Rabbi who practically adopted highly deceptive tactics of killing the message of Jesus (PBUH) through paradoxical instituting personality worship of Jesus (PBUH)!

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