Choice not between right or left; choice between right or wrong!

It’s not the question of right or left; it’s the question of right or wrong! Who decides what’s right or wrong; of course our Creator and the one Who cares the most! None other than the God; one and only! Where I can find His authentic guide? Authentic guide requires instructions in original unchangeable ever fresh language as translations can never be equal to original. And that the miraculous book is only and only Quran; it’s language over 1450 years same and as fresh as on day one! It was given to the final Prophet and messenger Muhammad (PBUH) who is mentioned in Torah and in teachings of Jesus (PBUH)!

Quran has the power to solve all your personal problems as well as that of USA and the world. It was Quran that pulled West out of dark ages and paved the foundation of all modern sciences through producing most amazing giants among men and women who gave us all things from Zero (Arabic numerals) to petrol, concrete roads to astronomy, soaps to delicious coffee and zillions more! Choice is not between donkey and elephant, choice is between right and wrong! Serious comments and questions most welcome

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