Was Paul a Saint???

Are Christians today following Jesus (PBUH)? The answer sadly and clearly is big No! Are their priests preaching Jesus’ teaching; answer again is resounding No!

So what are they following today??? It’s not exaggeration to say that they are following the doctrine of a person who according to Encyclopedia Brittanica was the bitterest enemy of Jesus (PBUH) , who persecuted followers of Jesus (PBUH)!

Paul who was a shrewd Rabbi with original name of Saul played a drama after the God all mighty saved Jesus from crucification, he invented a paradoxical way of continuing his enmity to Jesus and misguiding common naive people. It was to kill Jesus’ message in the wrap of his personality worship!

Almost all loyal disciples of Jesus (PBUH) recognized his malicious plan; however Barnabas fell in his trap and asked for his forgiveness and granting him a chance. Barnabas however, regretted on his blunder for his entire lice!

Jesus (PBUH) all his entire life remained a humble servant of the God all mighty, never claimed to be God or son of God! He was miraculously born to Virgin Mary just like Adam was born without mother or father and Eve was created from rib of Adam! The God whose proper name in Arabic is Allah used by Muslims, Christians and Jews is not bound by His own laws! By His permission and orders various messengers were able to perform miracles like Abraham (PBUH) emerged from blazing fire unhurt, Moses (PBUH) split the river and Jesus (PBUH) raised the dead etc.etc. So creation of Jesus was exceptional and his ability to talk at birth like an adult and to possess the knowledge of Torah and Injeel (proper name of divine book given to Jesus)!

Jesus was a man eating, drinking, getting fatigued and sleeping; surely not virtues of the God! He was undoubtedly true messenger of the God! He was the most obedient servant of Allah! He said very clearly that after his departure the final messenger of the God i.e., Muhammad will come. Jews also knew about this and when Muhammad (PBUH) arrived many Christians and some Jews recognized him and accepted him; while many despite recognizing him did not accept due to their own vested interests and arrogance! Notable among those who reverted to Islam was the chief of Jews in Madinah Abdullah Salam!

While Jesus (PBUH) all his life advocated worship of one and only God and shunning all sins and if he/she makes a mistake, one should immediately repent to the God directly without any intermediary! Paul on contrary “allowed” all sins making a hilarious excuse that Jesus had paid for all your sins, thus effectively killing Jesus message and making Jesus a god; an unforgivable sin if a person dies in that condition! He also cleverly “empowered” priests to blackmail people by knowing their crimes and sins through confessions!

As a result Paul’s religion which had nothing to do with Jesus’ teaching except that it was diagonally opposite to Jesus’ religion, became too “sweet” and too “acceptable” allowing even pictures and statues in the churches; an obvious pagan contamination! Early “Christians” were thus divided into two big categories; Unitarian vs Trinitarian Christians! As Paul’s religion was too sweet and too “good” it rapidly spread like a wild fire while Unitarian Christians shrunk and even eliminated by sword. According to Ahmad Thompson’s book “Blood on the Cross” thousands followers of Unitarian Christianity were put to death!

Bosnian Christians were Unitarian and had always troubles with Croatian and Serbian trinitarian Christians, when first time exposed to Quran they reverted to Islam in large numbers as clear signs for coming of Muhammad (PBUH) were given ) Gospel of Barnabas which they were following! Of course Paul’s followers had totally banned the Gospel of Barnabas. Death penalty was assigned on possession of this book as it would take out all the air from the Pauline balloon!

Rabbi Paul’s religion makes Christians to blindly support Zionists despite all their State and individual terrorism. The time for return of Jesus (PBUH) seems quite near now! As Allah drowned arrogant Pharaoh at the hands of a son of Bani Israel whose sons were slaughtered by him day and night; Allah will punish by same Jesus (PBUH) whom they tried to crucify but failed!

In summary, Pauline religion is diagonally opposite to Jesus’ (PBUH) religion! Theocracy is happy with Pauline religion as it provides them with wealth and power! The Zionists are happy too as Pauline religion makes Christians to blindly support them! While the fact is that the messenger whom Jesus (PBUH) promised had come about 1450 years ago i.e., Muhammad (PBUH)! The final true messenger of Allah recognized and accepted by many Christians and some Jews, was given the final divine book “Quran”! Quran is the best book giving explicit true and accurate account of Jesus and his Virgin mother’s lives and message! It’s the most precious and most beneficial gift from the God to the mankind!

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