Imran claimed to make Madina State while he can’t read or have read Quran

According to his ex-wife’s famous book titled her name “Rehman Khan” Imran never read Quran, nor can he read it)

Quran is the final and unique divine book that is preserved letter by letter and word by word in its original language over 1450 years and as fresh as on day one; a living miracle! There are not two versions of Quran across the world; any Muslim home, any mosque!

The God almighty (Allah, in Arabic proper name meaning One and only God) promised it to protect and preserve it so that no one can change it; and no one can even produce a chapter like it). Translations are never equal to original, therefore in Muslim countries children at young age learn to read Quran in its original language

However Imran never learned and yet he claims to turn Pakistan into State of Madinah referring to the state founded by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH on the basis of Quran!

Imran lived all his life as playboy and his friends and colleagues are far from Islamic practices and yet tall claim of establishing a genuine Islamic State; nothing could be farthest from truth!

It’s not uncommon to see children at age of six, seven reading Quran; some children as a matter of fact memorize this voluminous book by heart although their mother tongue may not be Arabic!

The book Reham Khan which is a masterpiece account of Imran Khan’s life with Reham Khan on page 183 clearly mentions the fact that Imran could not read Quran nor he has ever read Quran It thoroughly performs psychoanalysis and habits of Imran Niazi!

Imran’s father was among the most corrupt bureaucrats fired by Bhutto! Imran’s maternal grand father and grand grand father were Qadyanis; a religion created by Zionist English colonial rulers to rule through them disguise of being “Muslims” somewhat like “Do-Namay” of Turkey (inner Zionist Jews, outer Muslim names) or like grave state Terrorists Alvites & Assads! 

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