Strict Accountability & Self Improvement are the Keys to the Success! 

In the final and ever preserved, ever fresh in its original language divine book Quran an entire Surah (“Chapter”) is devoted to Accountability & Self Improvement! That Surah is titled “ash-Shams” (Surah “the Sun” # 91, Juz 30). Allah after brining to attention to great signs in universe & Himself; the Creator of these signs as well as to the human conscious says that “One who purifies himself succeeds and one who corrupts his/her “Nafs” or conscious perishes. (Ayas 9&10). The surah ends with a glaring example of a nation which did not listen to its Prophet (Sauleh a.s.) and was destroyed after clear warning!

But who is applying these verses in their daily life today? Muslims? Sad to say these principles are mostly applied by several non-Muslim nations e.g., USA. Of course, not in all fields but only in certain areas. Even though it is partial implementation; mostly limited to the society working atmosphere, it is reaping enormous benefits! You will see feedback about services in every field form post office to doctor’s clinic. Every body is held accountable and at multiple levels! How doctor talked to you? What do you think about facilities and then further dissection covering every aspect of the services! Based on these feedbacks and appraisal persons are promoted, demoted or fired and services are improved!

Now compare this to a developing country e.g., Pakistan! Here every rule is broken by a single phone call from high ups! Here appointments are often made by cruelly crushing all standards and procedures! Not only in Governmental institutions but also in some high fame private institutions. So, the results are not surprising; we are being destroyed bit by bit and piece by piece. We heavily pay every day and at every step! We have for example very high incidences of airline and railway accidents. Many patients succumb to poor treatment and management at the hospitals. Our land and airspace is used for attacks on fellow Muslims in a neighbouring country, our country is infested by foreign controlled terrorist mafias and our budget is sucked by IMF and other global money landers! On the other hand, West in those areas where it is not benefitting from Quran also suffers.g. family life, drugs and uncalled for wars! Solution is same for both i.e., divine guidance. Had the West adopted Quran in its all spheres its progress would have been far more splendid!

In developing countries like Pakistan, we must adopt and implement the principles of merit and accountability in every sphere of our lives. To implement and infuse Quran in our lives, we must first understand it. Sadly, the religious leaders have no interest in teaching Quranic Arabic as they have taken religion as profession and money making rather than purifying the society. They want to monopolise religion and have their own shops with all kinds of fabrications and manipulations and this of course suit to the Satanic evil mongers!

It’s a historical fact that no book can purify and cure heart better than Quran. Unfortunately, some religious groups are trying to or portraying to reform the Muslim society without Quran and our experience in Pakistan shows that their efforts did not yield any positive result but rather resulted in damaging and tarnishing the true image of Islam. Not surprisingly these are also in very good books of hostile enemies of Islam. 

We need to implement merit and strict accountability but how? Its simply not possible without solid training at homes and schools. Our masses follow blindly their dumb leaders and defend their worst decisions and acts. The reason being is their diseased hearts. Quran is the curer of the hearts. Quran has the same superiority over all books what Allah has over His creatures as said by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), So if we are serious to reform our society and the world then there is no other option but to begin this training from homes and schools. Every child should be taught the Quranic Arabic and by the way the best way of learning Quranic Arabic is Quran itself.

Why each Muslim family cannot spare only 30 minutes 5 days a week to jointly study Quran e majeed with translation? This will purify every home and then society will improve as Quran is the rope which is extended from the sky; when we jointly hold it firmly, we are united among ourselves and connected with Allah ta’lah then we climb to the sky with the speed of light. When the world was in dark ages it was Quran that lifted Muslims to the skies and founded all modern sciences and converted dark ages into Golden Age for Human Development in all its spheres and for entire humanity! Without Quran the world would still be in Dark Ages today!

Ref: 1001 Inventions 3rd Edition published by National Geographic 

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