Muslism animosity was implanted in Christian minds long before 9/11!

As recalled by 24 yr long US congressman from Springfield, Missouri, Paul Findlay. His mind was poisoned for Islam hatred in 8th grade by a “volunteer” teacher! He was accidentally exposed to Islam and Muslims in Yemen as one young boy was arrested by then Russian controlled Yemen as the boy took some photos at Yemen airport where his plane landed because of some technical fault!

When every effort failed by boy’s mother and the congressman then he decided to go to Yemen to get young American boy rescued from Yamen’s dictatorial Russian controlled regime!

It was a shocking visit for Paul Findlay as everything about Muslims and Islam turned out to be 180 degree opposite. Although Findlay had been pro Israel all his life, the Zionists in USA could not digest this trip despite knowing all the genuine reasons for Paul Findlay’s trip. The Zionist lobby turned against him to defeat him in next election and succeeded!

Paul Findlay later learned that all this who dared to speak truth about Islam and Muslims and exposed Zionists’ propaganda faced the severe wrath from them. This led to his writing of his famous book, “They dare to speak out”!

Paul Findlay also holds Muslims for not informing Americans about true Muslims. In some of his later publications he quotes verses from Quran about Jesus and Mary (Peace be upon them)!

Same phenomenon I observed during my stay in al-Khokar Saudi Arabia where thousands of American military men during Gulf war reverted to Islam as they were first time exposed to Quran. An American soldier complained bitterly “Had you given this book 2 years ago, my wife would have died Muslim”! The tears from his eyes rolled into his beard!

All Mankind should revert to Islam to become equal in all respects! Islam was the religion of Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, issac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Jesus and finally Muhammad (peace be upon all of them)! Muhammad (pbuh) being the final messenger, the book given to him by the One and Only God is fully protected, preserved and kept ever fresh for centuries and till the final day! In Islam there is no discrimination based on race, color, social status, language and place etc.

Quran is the living miracle as no other book is preserved in its original language; not a change of single letter! Translations are never equal to organizations original text in original language. Caring God all mighty can not leave us without a perfect guidance. Please shun all your biases, remove your colored glasses, remove all defamation and study Quran without bias. That would be the best thing you ever did for yourself, your family and your society l!

In the center Quran in its original ever fresh language along with English translation of its meanings. Only 3 short Surah are shown
English translation of Original Quran. Original language is always kept side by side

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