Teach yourself and your children Quran and introduce non Muslims to Quran; the most precious, the most beneficial, final divine book; a living miracle!

Several newly reverted Muslims have complained that why Muslims did not introduce them to Quran earlier! One American cried with tears rolling from his eyes into his beard that “Had you given this book 2 years ago, my wife would have died Muslim”

The people who complained include both black and white Americans including ex congressman Paul Findlay & some members of American armed forces!

The need of the hour is to learn and teach Quranic Arabic and be focussed in Salah! Salah is not mere ritual; it’s the cool of eyes prophet biding not only best guidance but also immense tranquility and strength! In Azan or call to prayer words say “hasten upon salah, hasten upon success” ; note the relationship between Salah and success!

Many Muslim children do not know even the meaning of Surah al-Fateha( the most recited Surah or chapter of the holly Quran! And their parents even don’t bother about it! Many Muslims are praying without understanding a single word. They ask for guidance from Allah but when Allah gives them guidance in response to their prayer in the form of Quran after Surah al- Fateha they simply become deaf!

When Salah will improve, when masjid will become proper institution like that in the days of the Prophet s a w and the companions, the Muslim ummah will be strengthened and that will be blessing for entire mankind!

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