Model Town Killings; who is responsible?

In order to defame and bring down Sharifs, a cold blooded drama was orchesterated in Lahore by deep state i.e. Establishment controlled by external Zionist forces. Main players of the game were secret agencies, Qadri, Imran Khan, Chaudharies, Altaf Hussain and some others. This unfortunate, inhumane and tragic hooliganism was then followed by attack on police, PTV and parliament! These all acts can be classified as outright “Terrorism” against people’s elected and representative Government meaning against people!

The incidence included terrorists wearing police uniforms as well as supporters of Qadri’s men wearing shirts of his organisation! All ammunition including “stones”, sticks and knives etc. were provided by agencies. The “mob” was trained to cut the cables of PTV station and steal the sensitive cameras etc. One of the culprit visible in the frenetic destructive activity in Model Town was so called Gulu Butt

Model Town Gulu Butt 

As I watched Model Town incidence on TV that sad day; it was obvious that it was a preplanned drama to get some dead bodies to malign and defame Sharif brothers. Until about 10 am so called Gulu Butt was a Tahir ul Qadri man wearing shirt of his organisation. Then media cleverly wiped the wordings on his shirt and started portraying him as PML (N) worker! A few days earlier a father and his son were arrested making fake police uniforms!This was shown on TV channels but then media became silent! That also raised the questions about identity of some of the policemen in Model Town shootings! 

Unfortunately through coordinated help of black sheep elements in various institutions including agencies, forces, election commission, judiciary and media, elections were massively and thorougly rigged and the same terrorist elements were brought in powers who were directly responsible for Model Town killings, attacks on PTV station and parliament as well as organizing sit-ups at Faizabad and creating various religious and sectarian organisations to divide the “right” votes! Not only Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi was rewarded but his helpers also got the booties; Bajwa got extension and Gen. Faiz Hameed was made chief of ISI; the latter is prime suspect in recent incidence of shooting a prominent journalist who exposed his role in media control!

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