True Image: Watch the living miracle yourself now!

Peace be upon you all!

This is the holly month of Ramadan when Muslims across the world are observing month long fasting to thank the God All Mighty for giving them His final divine book, the Quran!

Quran is the only divine book in the world preserved in its original language letter by letter, word by word! Not a change of a single letter and it’s today as fresh as 1450 years back! There are no 2 versions of this final divine book!

Every intelligent person knows that translations can not be same as original! A paragraph can be translated in many ways by different people, let alone a big book! Wrong translation of a single word can make big difference. Sometimes merely a change of a single letter can make a huge deference!

Languages have their lives and their journeys! New languages are born and old ones decay and die! In contrast to previous divine books, the language of Quran is protected, preserved and kept ever fresh by its author i.e. the God all mighty Himself! No doubt this is a living miracle as no human being singly or collectively can stop the changes in the language over such a extended period of time!

This is the month of Ramadan where apart from fasting, Muslims all over the world in almost all the mosques listen to entire Quran recited by the imam leading the prayer by heart! This living miracle can be witnessed by all people! If you can’t visit to any mosque you may tune to Saudi Arabic channels in Makkah and Madina! This special prayer is held approximately 2 hours after sunset! After all caring God can not leave mankind unguided and uncared for!

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