Reach out & Touch Someone with message of true Islam!

As Prophet Muhammad ﷺwas last prophet of Allah and absolutely preserved and ever fresh final divine book is magnificent, glorious “Quran” it is incumbent on all Muslims to reach out and touch someone with message of true Islam

Islam and Muslims are the worst victims of extensive defamation, its duty of every Muslim to remove this defamation and bring the true image of Islam and true Muslims!

Several newly reverted Muslims and some Non Muslims have complained bitterly why Muslims did not reach out to them and introduce Islam and Quran to them! See how Muslims will be held accountable for this act of omission on the day of Judgement! One of these complainants had been ex congressman Paul Findley from Springfield Illinois! He mentioned in one of his books that a “volunteer” teacher in his school in 8th grade infused poison against Muslims in the minds of young kids which unfortunately remained as such till he accidentally had to travel to Yemen where he saw Muslims and Islam that removed that poison.

One newly reverted ex American Military officer complained to Muslims “Had you given this book (Quran) 2 years ago my wife would have died Muslim” while tears rolled from his eyes and soaked his beard!

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