World’s Most Corrupt Ruler!

“ P.M.” Imran Khan Niazi is world’s most corrupt ruler! He kidnapped Pakistan’s all TV channels for hours for orchestrated “live phone calls”

Imran Niazi is a self confessed life long gambler, superb bluffer, professional bagger, extremely ungrateful; bites the very same hands who helped him! Strong believer in Gobbles philosophy of lying & lying till people start in believing him! But Pakistanis are smarter; now hardly anyone believe in him!

Imran always flirted and robbed women! He did not even give his name to his real daughter Tareen! Tareen’s mother bagged saying that she does not want anything from him but their daughter deserved father’s name but thus cheap stone heart person refused as he did not want to bear the responsibilities. The California court called him several times to give his blood sample for DNA, but he did not comply as he knew that Tareen was his daughter. The court subsequently gave the verdict that Tareen was his daughter ! Unfortunately human and women rights organizations remained silent on blatant violations of human and woman rights!

Imran is diehard hypocrite and introduced unethical frauds practices in each sphere of his life for example in cricket he introduced ball tempering!

He in collaboration with most corrupt judges & boots massively rigged the elections! His father was fired by Bhutto on massive corruption!

Shaukat Khanum Hospital & Namal University are hallmarks of his gross bagging and massive corruption! Nawaz Sharif’s father, a big industrialist donated huge sum from his pocket which paid for about 80% of the total cost; in return he illegally in collaboration with most corrupt judges and boots put Nawaz Sharif in jail and almost killed him by causing extreme platelet deficiency by poisoning in jail food

Shaukat Khanum Hospital is very expensive hospital! Very few poor patients are treated “free” but he gets all the bills of these poor patients from Government charity! There are unconfirmed rumors that hospital may be using non approved drugs on humans as mice

When no evidence of corruption could be found against Nawaz Sharif, he with help of agencies blackmailed a judge by showing him his dirty video! Later judge admitted his wrong doing, lost his sleep and subsequently died apparently due to corona!

There had been many corrupt leaders in the world but Imran is unique among them as he claims that he would establish “Madina” state which was the best and the most corruption free society as bible referred it as “paradise” on earth!

International surveys showed marked increase in corruption in Pakistan in his regime! People of Pakistan are absolutely fed up with this compulsive sociopath liar!

He has taken more loans than Nawaz Sharif and did nothing! His ministers are also as dishonest and incompetent as he himself. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is massively abused and exploited by him. Without proving charges he has put his political opponents in jails for months and years. Lately he demolished houses of his opponents like Israelis do to Palestinians !

Due to his massive loans and total incompetent poverty is sky rocketing in Pakistan. He paid 3 billion to British Government for filing a false case against Nawaz Sharif and about to pay 2 billion more from poor people of Pakistan. To compensate his idiotic and unfair payments he has increased the prices of electricity, petrol and gas.

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