God is not a human being and He is far above to have a wife or children!

Who is the God all mighty? Is He a human being, statue, fire etc. No He is none of this. If someone calls us a dog or a pig; we get very offended although we as a mammal have many things in common with them! But his daring and it respectful are those who degrade the God all Mighty to the level of animals or stones etc!

About the God’s creation universe; we can’t imagine how vast it is and what it contains! As a pathologist I know for sure that even one cell of our body is far too sophisticated and far too complex than all man made industries put together; how small is cell we can have some idea if we say that in one millimetre cube blood drop we have more than 5 million red cells alone and still the drop is half empty! And do we realise that daily 70 billion cells in our body die and as much are born each containing more information contained contained than 1200 big voluminous books like Oxford book of medicine! Even one single letter is not properly copied our life may become totally miserable! The God all mighty is the creator and controller of all this; providing nutrition, nourishment and all what is required by each cell in the most precise quantity and get rid of waste from each cell! And not only in human beings but in all His creations from virus to bacteria to plants to many creatures about which we may have very little or no knowledge That’s the One and Only God

So who can and how can one describe what all mighty God is! The simplest answer is the God Himself! Will the God describe Himself? Yes of course; why not? The God is the Proud creator and made mankind His special and intellectual creation; why will He not describe Himself! And then why will He not guide man and woman to the most optimal and the most appropriate way to live, to use his/ her body and all resources He has bestowed upon them!

So where can we find the God’s description of Himself in His own words and how can we know that’s authentic! Excellent questions! The God’s description has to be in His own words in the form of spoken and or written. The God’s spoken words are directly communicated to His messengers and the God’s words are in the form of authentic divine books! But what are the criteria to judge whether the book is an authentic one?

The first and foremost the messenger must have absolutely unblemished character and the second the book must be in its original language and not a translated one as translation can be equal to original! A paragraph can be translated in so many different ways! The book must not have contradiction with proven well established facts of science etc. It’s predictions must not have failed! Which book can fulfil all these criteria? If I say in the present age and days it’s only and only Quran!

Quran is the only book ever preserved and ever fresh in its original language for over 14 centuries! That’s a long long time. In such a time languages die, new are born or so radically changed that almost no one can understand! Languages have their journey, after each few years dictionaries get new words and some words get deleted! No one can stop this natural journey except of course the God all Mighty Himself.

Quran gave so emphatic predictions with time frame and each one of them fulfilled; at times against all odds for example victory of Roman Empire over Persian Empire in less than 10 years when Romans had been almost totally demolished and there was no worldly chance that it can have victory over Iran so soon

The messenger I.e. Muhammad who was given this book spent 40 good years among his people and was regarded as utmost honest and the most trustworthy. Everyone even his diehard opponents l

Ok iked to keep their valuables with him. He was the best mannered and the most honourable!

Quran is a living miracle. There had been the God’s messengers before Muhammad (PBUH) beginning from Adam; e.g. Noah, Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismaeel (Ishmael), Ishaq (Issac), Ya’qoob (Jacob), Yousuf (Joseph), Loot (Lot), Moosa (Moses), Haroon (Aaron), Dawood (David), Sulaiman (Solomon) and Issa (Jesus) etc PBUT. And there had been divine books before like Torah and Injeel given to Prophets Moses and Jesus respectively but they were not preserved after a new Prophet came; sine Muhammad is the final messenger of the God the book given to him had to be preserved in letter and sprit! So it is protected. The God Himself had promised in Quran >1400 years back that it is We had sent this glorious book and it’s We who will protect and preserve it. The promise is absolutely fulfilled!

Quran is a living miracle not only because it’s language is fresh and preserved forever and it’s words are kept intact, but also for numerous other reasons! No Hunan being nor group of human beings can make a Surah (chapter) like it! Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) could not read or write was given this book who automatically memorized it and recited in various congregational prayers. This practice is going on in millions of Masajid (mosques) across the world! Quran is a miracle as it gave so much to the world, led laying of foundations of all modern sciences and established highest order of human rights! Volumes can be written about the final divine nature of Quran; however suffice it to say that Quran being true original words of the God Himself; one can know exactly what the God is! About 1/3 rd of the Quran describes the God Himself. It’s important to know the God because He created us, He is providing everything. He responds to our prayers, He solves all our problems and to Him we shall all return! We are all accountable to Him and He will reward us in the eternal Hereafter! Our this life and world will make that life! His guidance in the form of Quran and His final messenger will led us to success in both worlds.

Quran describes Jesus and his virgin mother and maternal grandmother and other relatives. As a matter of fact to know Jesus (PBUH) Quran is the best and absolutely authentic account. Muslims love and honour Jesus as messenger of the God. True Muslims walk on the path of Jesus as there is no difference between teachings of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and Muhamnad (PBUT)!

Honoured Jesus (PBUH) was honoured messenger of the God. He was neither god, nor son of the God! As a matter of fact Jesus never claimed to be the god or son of the God. Rabbi Paul, the bitterest enemy of Jesus introduced son of the God myth from a Jewish clan who regarded their one prophet as son of the God. Paul killed the message of Jesus by inventing his personality worship!

The God’s proper name is Allah that means the God; One and Only. All has several 99 names that describe Allah. It’s not possible & beyond human intellect to visualise Him physically in this world; however Allah can be seen through His creations & attributions.
The Living Miracle, Quran, the final divine book describes God in His own words! The ultimate accurate description of Allah (the God)
Quran founded almost all modern sciences; it pulled West out of dark ages, introduce renaissance, established modern hospitals, medical colleges and gave the true respect for human rights

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