The Signs of Progress UAE style???

Dear Editor Dawn: ASA

We are often shocked by the nonsense waves coming out of Pervez Hoodbhoy’s pseudo intellectual columns.

It’s a shame that a newspaper founded by upright Quaud e Azam brings such rubbish columns! What are the criteria of progress?

To recognize world’s number 1 State terrorist state and apartheid regime is a sign of progress?

Forgetting enormous sufferings of Palestinian children, women and men is sign of progress?

Living together without marriage like animals is a sign of progress?

No doubt Islam has provided the best and the most progressive life style. It’s scientists laid the foundation of almost all modern Sciences and pulled West of the dark ages! That’s the progress!

I know well that Dawn as usual will not publish my letter. However I am doing my moral duty! I leave my case to Allah ta’lah Best regards;

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