Historical Rigging in 2020 USA Elections!

Kamila Haris expressing her extraordinary support for Israel despite Israel’s worst State Terrorism & Apartheid practices

It’s no wonder that all Israeli news papers and all world and USA media fully supported Joe Biden ( a declared Christian Zionist) and Kamila Haris who happens to have a Jewish husband)

In Bush Junior time large number of fake votes arrived from Israel which were rejected by Supreme Court

This time millions of fake mail in votes were created and sent to change American’s verdict. We have serious differences regarding Trump’s unjust support for Israel and pushing some Muslim countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel!

Despite these differences we do not support rigging in the elections aiming at defeating Trump or any other candidate. The elections must be fair and transparent!

We Muslims had been victim of extensive defamation by Zionist media! Fake videoed were propagated against Muslims as real news!

Absolutely innocent Dr. Aafia was sentenced for maximum imprisonment for 86 years by an extremely biased Zionist judge and manipulated jury!

Biden has not won yet despite big claims by fake news and fake media! The matter is in the courts! On pure scientific grounds and statistical analysis rigging is very obvious!

We demand forensic scrutiny of each and every mailed in vote! We ask Trump to not to succumb to extreme pressure by Democrats and Zionists!!

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