The Termites!

Slavery or Neocolonialism is rampant in most blatant and ruthless manner in the world; it is in the hands of Satanic Beasts! Satan is the most brutal enemy of mankind and interestingly it is not hidden; with slight wisdom and honesty he can be seen easily. As final divine book Quran clearly says; Do not take this open manifest enemy I.e. as your friend

When Muslims ruled the world for about 800-1000 years they pulled West out of dark ages, civilized them and founded almost all modern sciences! They helped Jews and Christians and others to grow with them! Their profound impact facilitated renaissance and Industrial revolution in the West! Termites were injected in the form of vulgar dances targeting modesty and family life. With devastating effects of termites Muslim society got eroded and finally collapsed in Spain etc!

However their replacement by Zionist forces was quite anti humanistic! Now termites were implanted in other countries in the form of Free Masons, Rotary Club, Lions clubs, Baha’i and Qadyani (so called Ahmadya Muslims) etc! These termites were inserted in all important institutions particularly military, judiciary and media!

Termites make institution weak, fragile and lawless! This atmosphere suits termites injectors who can then exploit the masses rather easily! In Pakistan, the very first Prime Minister was assassinated; widely believed by CIA! Soon termites took over Pakistan through military, judiciary, media and bureaucrats!

Termites were used to get Fall of Dacca, Kargil, and Collapse of the society! Pakistan is witnessing rapid deterioration of law and orders! Termites can not tolerate freedom of press! Such anti human Satanic activities create poverty and loss of peace, but Satan and its human slave servants are happy as they can accumulate more and more bounties and suck the blood of the poor!

Termites carry out massive rigging in elections or bring about judicial or military coup! Fundamental human rights have no meaning for them! Termites know well that Islam is the only effective anti-termite remedy and hence they go to any length to defame Islam and Muslims!

Another variety of Termites is mafia; Italian, Spanish mafias etc and MQM. Through these mafias they manage to kill good people in the society and keep looting the people!

What to do? We must strengthen the Muslim society by injecting Quranic wisdom in them! As Quran is the main healer of the hearts; infusion of Quran will get rid of termites! It is as simple as that! Quran being the final, ever protected, ever fresh book of the God all mighty has that power of getting rid of these termites, rescuing the world from their claws and providing the world much needed tranquility!

A typical termite!
Termites must go!
Some more termites
Two big termites

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