Masterpiece Video Proving beyond doubt the involvement of Black Sheep in Armed forces and Judiciary in Pakistan Politics!

If there were any other civilized country, the Chief would have been asked to resign and face court martial! Unfortunately we have rotten positions who proudly say that we will welcome Government in Uniform for 10 years. While Imran was brought in power through massive election rigging at all stage; pre polling, intra polling and post polling, he is portray as “elected” PM, nothing could be farthest from truth!

The chief has no regret or remorse over this anti people and anti state acts! Controlled media keeping showing his tout Sheikh Rashid who shamelessly discloses that he has with him secretly taped audio tapes which are provided by none other than military establishments!

Forget US, UK, France, Germany even 3rd class country would not have tolerated such an anti state and anti people activity. He would have made to resign immediately and face court martial!

Ironically this well wishers asking armed forces to focus and concentrate on their primary duty I.e. defense are dubbed as traitor and as Indian agents while those who are abusing institutions like armed forces judiciary to curb most fundamental human rights including choosing their rulers through free, fair transparent elections are portrayed as loyal to the country!

Imran’s hallo speeches on Kashmir condemning most serious violations of basic human rights by India loose all air from his balloon when he himself do the same!

It’s very unfortunate that Zionists and particularly CIA bring worst incompetent leadership in many countries. Elected Prime Ministers like Liaquat Ali Khan were murdered and toppled like Dr. Mussadiq of Iran! By doing so they are depriving the world from valuable contributions of scholars and scientists!

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