Nobel Prize is not that Noble After all!

If Salam were not Qadyani he would have never got this prize. His name was added to two others who initially were chosen for the prize! Qadyanis always glorify him and Zionists use his name to propane Qadianist in Africa etc by saying a “Muslim” got Nobel Prize”! I had confronted a black Qadyani from Chicago during my resident time as Black Muslims newspaper published this heading on the title page. I wrote a letter saying that he could be anything but a Muslim! Apparently letter was published and the guy called me, he wanted a public debate which I refused as I knew this is their tactics to fool people in the crowd. He asked me where it is written that no new prophets will come, when I began narrating from Hadith book he hanged as there were so clear hadiths about this. It is wrong that after independence gulf increased between Muslims and Hindus. Quaid e Azam tried very hard for Muslim Hindu unity but failed as he saw Hindus planned attacks on Muslims resulting in mass murders of Muslims! Who can forget big massacres in 1947; mostly of Muslims. The Zionists are so clever that before handing over Pakistan they created a fake prophet and used lot of money and positions to buy imaan of selfish people. Pundit Nehru was supporting Qadyanis. After Pakistan he pushed Qadyanis to Pakistan saying we created you for Pakistan. Imran Khan’s maternal great grandfather Munshi Gohar Ali from Jalandhar was among those who sold his imaan! He was number 15 on initial 313 People who believed in this fake prophet. His son commissioner census Ahmad Hasan also sold his imaan and made first Qadyani worship place in Basti Babakhail in Jalandhar! Shaukat Khanum was a born Qadyani. She married to a Niazi who was later fired by Bhutto on mega corruption. Imran built Qadyan Rahdari. To fool people he portrayed as if it were for Sikhs Kartarpur. People who are away from Allah’s book fall into their trap! Quran clearly says among your worst enemies are Jews and Pagans

Nobel Prize are fully controlled by Zionists! No doubt it is awarded to some genuine scholars but the it is often manipulated to advance Zionist agenda. There are numerous examples to prove this. By awarding some genuine scholars and achievers Nobel Prize establishes its good name but then it is exploited for Zionist purposes. Begin was known life long Terrorist, mass murderer and wanted criminal was awarded Nobel Prize!

In Pakistan it was awarded to Malala to strengthen the fake news & false propaganda that Islam prohibits girls education. Malala comes from Swat which literally has numerous Girls Schools and Colleges. Not only that almost all Universities and Medical Colleges have female dominance. As a matter of fact Pakistan has far more female doctors and members of National Assembly than USA!

If we go in the past we see that the very first modern Universuty was established by a Muslim woman named Fatimah in Morocco! The University is still alive and issuing degrees. This University was established prior to famous Jamah Azhar!

Abdus Salam’s name is used to propagate fake Islam created by Zionists I.e. Qadyaniat! It’s the fundamental and essential Muslim belief that Quran is the final divine book and Muhammad whose other name was Ahmad (PBUH) is the final Prophet and no new messenger will come! Muslim belief is that Prophet Jesus will come but as a follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Quran! Qadyanis were created like Do-Namay of Turkey who are actually Jews with superficial Muslim names. Qadyanis had full backing of Zionists and Brahmins; their purpose is to rule Pakistan through them. Qadyanis occupy key positions and yet play drama of victimization etc.

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