How Zionists conquered Turkey & abolished Usmania Khilafat!

Quran e majeed clearly tells Muslims that they will find Jews & Pagans (e.g. Hindus) strongest in enmity and while they find Christians softer toward them as they have among them God fearing religious persons who are not arrogant. Quran’s Juz (para) 6 ends and Juz 7 begins with these 82& 83 verses of Surah al-Maeedah. Alas Muslims drifted away from Quran and as a result fell in the traps which they could have easily avoided had they listened to Allah ta’lah!

Turkey was under a lot of debts because of its drift from Islamic teachings and involvement in extravaganza. The Zionists seeing this offered Sultan Abdul Hameed to remove all his debts if he sells Palestine to them. Sultan rejected this offer as Jerusalem was very dear to the Muslims! But then Zionists played a clever move portraying themselves as suppressed and oppressed being hated by Europeans bagged Sultan to allow them to settle in Turkey! Kind hearted but foolish Sultan fell in their trap on “humanity” basis ignoring explicit Quranic injunctions and forgetting extensive dissection of Zionist psyche, tricks and behavior so vividly described in Quran!

The moment, Zionists were allowed to settle in Turkey, they began their game. Through their enormous wealth and very trained women they targeted Turkish armed forces throwing luxurious parties with wine, women and gifts. They established Free Masons clubs everywhere which were involved in these schisms! After sometime Sultan felt the danger so he banned Free Masons clubs! But in reality he could not as this is a secret organization. The Free Masons clubs erupted under different names. Zionists also created “Do-Namay” (Two name) Jews who adopted Muslim names! These Do-Namays were present in significant numbers in Greece and Turkey. Ata Turk’s mother for example, was a Do-Namay with acquired Muslim name of Zainab! By this token Ata Turk himself becomes a crypto Jew. His personal characteristics and behavior quite conform to this fact! It’s smartness of Zionist forces in the West and the media how they made him hero and implanted him as Head of the State!

Within couple of years Zionists had virtually conquered leadership of Turkish armed forces from inside and through it they managed to arrest Sultan Abdul Hameed and kept him in a Free Mason Lodge as a prisoner. The arrest warrant was brought by the very same person whom Sultan did not agree to sell Palestine!

The Zionist secretly celebrate this “great victory” by various rituals. They wear red Turkish caps and carry a cart labeled “Ka’ba cart”! So called “normalization” of UAE – Israel relations will certainly harm UAE and its neighbors! Zionists always work in dark and secrecies like rats and cockroaches! They create pseudo religions like Qadyanis with Do-Namy type people! They mange to get them implanted at key positions in Muslim countries. Imran Khan is actively doing the same. Ayub Khan had several Qadyanis who later played key role in separation of East Pakistan.

During English colonial rule in subcontinent, English Zionists prohibited Muslims to join Air Force while Qadyanis were allowed; this fact was unearthed by ex Pakistan Air Force Chief Noor Khan! Noor Khan had passed all the tests. He was afraid that he will not be selected so he submitted a fake certificate of being a Qadyani. Pak Air Force at the time of independence in 1947 was almost full of Qadyanis!

To allow Israel in your country means you are inviting deep troubles for yourselves. Israel has virtually conquered USA, Russia and all European countries! It’s puppets and puppies are ruling almost all Muslim countries. For Muslims the best solution is to firmly hold Allah’s final book. With Quranic vision they will see things clearly and avoid getting entrapped!

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