Israeli-UAE “Normalization” of relations is as Historical as Hiroshima & Nagasaki

President Trump termed so called “normalization” of relations with gravest State Terrorist & apartheid Israel with UAE 🇦🇪 is historical! Definitely it is as historical as Hiroshima & Nagasaki! Gravest number 1 Terrorist Israel 🇮🇱 is also responsible for many acts of grave terrorism against USA including assassination of John F. Kennedy, killings of US naval officers on USS Liberty and 9/11! Influx of Afghan heroin is another remarkable achievements of Zionist controlled drug mafia

Israel-US relations

Israel illegally occupied Palestine through holocaust which was a joint venture of Nazis & Zionists. These were Zionists who prepared lists of poor Jews in ghettos for Nazis for burning in gas chambers! The purpose was to frighten other Jews to leave Germany and to go to Palestine to occupy it. Hitter paid every penny to these Jews on arriving Haifa! All other destinations were shut down by none other than Zionists themselves!

Recognizing Israel is absolutely unethical and immoral! How can we forget extreme apartheid and discriminatory policies of Israel against native Palestinians who are the sons of soil over centuries!

Promise of Promised land was with true followers of Moses who were Muslims like Moses himself! Over centuries these Muslims went so astray that they even forgot their original name Muslim and instead acquired name “Jew” after their one powerful tribe! With such gross deviation, the promise of the God all mighty stands null and void and it stands only with the true followers of teachings of Moses i.e. Muslims; true Muslims!

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