Bomb blasts in Beirut is State Terrorism by Israel

Israel has been bombarding Beirut for many decades . It has created several proxy terrorist organizations through which it has committed massacres e.g. Shatilla and Sabra massacre in which 3500 unarmed Palestinian refugee women were massacred by Aerial Sharon; the mastermind of 9/11

Some videos clearly show missile attack on nitrocellulose stores. Media is hiding truth

israeli missile targeting nitrocellulose depots!

Israel never tolerated “hostile” neighbors so with CIA backing it toppled democratically elected Morsi and implanted Sissy; apparently son of a Zionist mother! This resulted in killings of thousands of innocent Egyptian men and women; so be it! Countries like Israel and India never cared for human rights and human lives! As for as UN is concerned, it’s a Zionist organization to serve Zionists interests using world resources and mercenary armies!

The West is 100% under slavery of Israel and Zionists so it will veto any action against Israel! Russia is included in the West! A country with about 1% Jewish population, Russian politburo is 90% Jewish!! Putin, an ex KGB officer in East Germany shot blank a civilian aircraft but nothing happened to him!

Only and only Islam has the capability of rescuing humanity from Zionist chains. When we say Islam it’s real Islam we are talking about as in the final divine book Quran! So it’s but natural that true Islam as in Quran is the biggest target of Zionists and their puppies and puppets like Modi and Iranian leadership!

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