Apartheid & State Terrorist Indian Government Committing Genocide of Kashmiris

In 1947 Indian subcontinent was divided on the basis of Hindu and Muslim majority areas! Kashmir was overwhelming Muslim i.e. > 95% Muslims! India through a fraud occupied Kashmir and made its entire population worst slave! Mujahideen went inside and liberated a portion of Kashmir; India reading its defeat rushed to UN and asked for ceasefire and made a promise that decision about Kashmir will be based on plebiscite. India never fulfilled its promise and violated all UN Resolutions and Geneva convention. Indian constitution did recognize special status of Kashmir through section 370 & 35A.

On 5th August 2019 Modi Government made 370 and 35A null and void and declared Indian occupied Kashmir it’s territory. Indian Government has imposed curfew for last one year in Kashmir snatching all their rights. Kashmiris are kept in a big jail where entire population is extremely frightened! y abolishing special status of Kashmir Modi Government is trying hard to dilute the Muslim majority in Kashmir! As expected local population came on the streets protesting against this unjust brutal apartheid action. In order to suppress protest and demonstrations, Modi Government intensified its state terrorism in the form of curfew! It had been over a year of this curfew. This is the true and ugly face of so-called biggest democracy of the world!

As grandfather cane out of car to seek direction, he was shot dead and they put his grandson on his dead body

As many Kashmiris also live on Pakistani side; it’s only natural if they try to go to occupied territory to help their brothers and sisters. These freedom seekers are conveniently labeled as “Terrorists” and invaders! Even native Kashmiris in the valley are declared if they dare to challenge the apartheid regime! 

India is considered worst place for female tourists because of frequent rape and other crimes! Muslims carrying cows are seriously beaten and at times murdered! Indian Hindus let aging cows die or kill them by poisoning but eating beef is a big crime; punishable by mob murder! 

India has the highest rate of female infanticide. According to an American tourist writer she did not find a single female in a town having over 400 boys! Heaps of female infants’ bones and skeleton could be seen! 

Dalits are regarded as the lowest cast of Hindus and labeled as “untouchables”; if a Brahmin is touched by a Dalit, the Brahmin will rush to take a bath as if he has contracted corona virus! Dalits are hated and all kinds of ill treatment is justified for them! 

Two State Terrorists: Sham Democracies

I firmly believe because of such massive crimes against the helpless human beings in India, Burma, Israel, Palestine, Kashmir and Syria etc, Allah all mighty sent the pandemic of Corona because of worst acts of commission and omission. We must remember that remaining silent is a crime too. Helping terrorists including state terrorists is an act of terrorism itself!

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