The most non scientific statement is denial of the God all Mighty!

When we can not comprehend the magnitude and vastness of the Universe and it’s contents, how can we imagine the physical nature of its and our Creator! The God all Mighty can be seen in everything through His utmost wisdom, power and care.

Only the God Himself can describe Him in His own words. Of course He is neither human being, nor animal, nor stone nor any other physical body like sun, moon, stars or fire etc.

While there are many commonality between us and animals, we get very offended if someone calls us a dog or a pig! Why then our and univers’ Creator and Sustainer will not be offended when someone tries to degrade Him to the level of His creatures may that be human being or some thing else with which He has nothing in common? The intellect we possess is also a gift from Him and also all material things which we consume or use for “creation” of something like computers, airplanes and other art and craft.

Also it will be very naive to think that the God has left the world on auto, ceased His power and control and as if He doesn’t care about us anymore! Some of us get quite arrogant quite often; when we think of ourselves too great! The knowledge possessed by we human is just like a mere drop of water as compared to all the oceans ! How can we compare ourselves to Him when we can’t even face His one the tiniest creature e.g; a virus! The total calculated weight of the corona virus in the entire world is only one gram and see what this tiniest creature has done to the world and it’s power and economy!

One cell of human body is far too advanced than all the industry and all the scientific discoveries put together! Not only the universe but also the micro universe within each cell is extremely complex, fascinating and humbling. There are layers after layers of extremely organised and highly regulated elements within each and every creature! As a matter of fact, the word “highly” is too short and deficient while describing Hus immense control, wisdom and purpose! As a Pathologist I am fascinated to observe and feel this micro world! Our body is made up of organs which are in turn made up of tissues which are in turn made up of cells which are in turn made up of extremely complex organelles, chemicals and structures like DNA etc which are in turn made up of variety of molecules which are in turn made up of atoms which are in turn made up of electrons, protons and neutrons etc. Each one at each stage is extremely tightly controlled and regulated. Our each cell; hundreds of which may sit on the tip of a needle contains 2 meter long very dynamic DNA. It’s much busier than New York Stock Exchange! Every day 50-70 billion cells die in our body die and same number of cells are made again with utmost accuracy! If we loose blood 🩸 in accident; same amount is recreated! And blood us no joke; it contains oxygen carrying Red Blood Cells, very efficient defence force i.e. White Blood Cells and our sticking sealer platelets which can seal any puncture immediately in the millions of miles long our blood capillaries! And do not forget liquid plasma in which these zillions of cells float and which contains numerous proteins etc helping us by clotting the blood in hemorrhage and on the spot providing our each cell vital oxygen and other nutrients!

This immense control, power wisdom. and purpose is observed in every creature of this universe’ macro and micro worlds’ seen and unseen worlds!

When a simple pencil ✏️ can’t be created by itself how can vibrant, zillions time more complex things could create themselves? It’s basically utmost idiocy with equal arrogance and dishonesty which result in denial of the God all Mighty and His power, control and authority to give laws and hold accountability!

How tightly cells numbers are regulated may be imagined by the fact that if cells of one arm are replaced with slightly different pace and speed than the cells of the other arm; the sizes of both arms will get significantly vary from each other as we see for example in poliomyelitis infection where one leg for example gets shortened than the other! There would be markedly different lengths of both arms!

Such immense control, regulation, purpose and wisdom can be observed in each and every component and sub component of our seen world; may that be human beings, animals, birds, insects, fishes, 🌲 trees, 🌹 flowers and 🍇 fruits and sun and uncountable stars as well as things like light, sound and electricity etc.

The “human” arrogance we see in wrong theories, false claims and utterly nonsensical deductions. On the top these false and rather stupid deduction are then forced down our throats with the help of media, books and school curricula! This folly of intellect we see every day on evil and manipulating media!

I was once shocked to see a CNN anchor person admitting that “We control Americans’ eyes and ears; it is we who decide what they may hear and they may see”; a highly arrogant but nonetheless true statement! Sensible and intelligent people are quite aware of fake and false video churning media factories in which actors are employed to defame their perceived adversaries!

Question is when we say that God alone is able and competent to describe Him; then how to determine which are the God’s real own words or not? For this we have to apply several tests; for example the person who is communicating these words must be absolutely upright with no evidence of dishonesty, intellect defects and selfishness! His unblemished character must accompany by his superb intellect. Then there must be some miracles i.e the acts which are humanly impossible attributed to this messenger for example Noah’s clear warning of drowning flood, Ibrahim (Abraham)’s coming out of blazing fire unhurt, millions of gallons of water erupting under the heels of infant Ismael (Ishmael), Moosa (Moses)’s parting the river for Passover, Jesus’s raising the dead with God’s words and Muhammad’s magnificent ever preserved and ever fresh divine book called Quran! Quran’s words and prediction came so true that if even one of this would have gone wrong, the current Islam would have died right there and then but this never happened. Why are we labelling “current” to the prevailing Islam? This is because Islam (literally meaning Peace through Obedience to the God) had been the same since man was created and encompasses Islam of Adam, Noah, Ibrahim (Abraham), Moosa (Moses) and Issa (Jesus) and Muhammad (Peace be upon them); One God, One religion (Path of life).

Attributes like utmost honest, absolutely upright and just, selfless and intellectually sound and just were witnessed in all true messengers of the God all mighty like Noah, Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismaeel (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Lot, Ya’qoob (Jacob), Yousuf (Joseph), Moosa (Moses), Issa (Jesus) and Muhammad (Peace be upon them). For example, Muhammad’s worst and blood thirsty enemies found Muhammad (PBUH) the most trustworthy as they deposited their valuables with him alone and of course despite their utmost enmity he returned all those to their owners even when they were planning to kill him!

If a Prophet or true messenger’s teachings were for a limited time period then his language would undergo decay and die as happens with all languages with time. Languages keep changing and not understandable over time. No one can halt this natural journey of the languages. But if the Prophet and messenger is the last and the final then the language of his divine book must not decay and rust; it must remain fresh and preserved; a phenomenon which is a living miracle and it is only applicable to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the final divine book given to him i.e. Quran. It’s absolutely a must to have the divine book’s original language be preserved and kept fresh as translations could never be equal to the original. Any sentence or paragraph let alone the entire book could be translated in so many different ways. Even one single word’s twisted translation can make a hell of a difference!

Quran’s authenticity is beyond question. It is protected through five times daily congressional prayers in which a portion of Quran is recited by heart in each and every masjid (mosque). If you want to verify this fact yourself then please tune into 2 Saudi channels which relay 5 times congregational prayers from Makkah and Madina or visit any masjid in your area. As the Quran was being bestowed upon Muhammad (PBUH) gradually over 23 years, it became essential part of daily 5 congregational prayers at the Masjid as well as at the home! Muhamnad (PBUH) miraculously remembered the entire Quran by heart although he could not read or write. He dictated the Quran and listened back from the men who wrote it on leather and tree barks. Thousands of people remembered the entire Quran by heart and many more remembered some portions of Quran and that’s true even today. Quran was then written on paper as soon as paper was invented and absolute authenticity was checked and confirmed from those who write it on various media and those who remembered, cross checks were made and genuine 4 copies were kept in different parts of the world; some of which can still be seen in some museums and can be considered with the copies of the Quran with the Muslims of today! This not only confirms the authenticity but also the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the finality of Quran as divine book!

In summary the God all Mighty is one and only. He did not put the world on auto; He sees and listens and responds to the prayers! He is the most caring. He is the most loving, caring and forgiving but also swift and severe in punishment when things cross their final limits! He has not let His most precious creation i.e we, unguided. Therefore to know Who and What God is the most reliable and authentic source is Quran and Quran alone because it is His own words beyond any doubt, so if we want to know our and entire Universe’s Creator and Sustainer we must study Quran with full understanding. If we can’t understand we must seek help from those who have the knowledge as we may have to know the background of certain verses. As Satan is diagonally opposite to the God’s teachings to mislead the human beings it is quite understandable to see Satan’s agents defaming Quran and Islam through all sorts of fake news and fake media through clever tactics and fake videos etc. But as an intelligent creature we must use our God gifted intellect to not only find the truth but also to follow the truth to solve all our problems and to reach to final most blessed destiny forever!

With this we conclude our this short essay. Copies of Quran are available on internet and in every masjid (mosque) and at most Muslim homes. However we must caution you again that there may be wrong information by those who are bent to defame Islam in order to make you go astray and destroy our this and eternal life! Peace be upon you and your beloved ones!

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