Pakistan Victim of Zionist-Brahmin Conspiracies!

The Satanic forces are fully aware of the power of the final divine book I.e. Quran and they also know that all forces on earth or in universe can’t alter even a word of this final fully protected, preserved in its original language and ever-fresh book of the God all mighty! This is the book that even founded all modern sciences and pulled the West out of dark ages!

While non Muslim world is fully controlled by the Zionists through their Satanic tactics, mafias, money, courts and media etc, situation is little different when it comes to the Muslims! No doubt Muslim countries by and large also have Zionists puppet rulers but true Muslims are not afraid of death and by holding fast the rope of Allah (Quran) they have utmost courage and wisdom to smash any Satanic forces!

Long before Pakistan came into existence Zionists and Brahmins who by the way share many traits, began conspiracies which included following among others;

1) Created a pseudo Islamic religion Qadyaniat (so called Ahmadya Islam by creating a pseudo prophet named Ghulam Ahmed (Ahmad is another name of the Prophet Muhamnad and word Ghulam means slave servant)! How a servant became master himself? Anyway both Zionists and Pundit Nehru fully supported Qadyanis in order to control Pakistan through them! Imran Khan and many Pakistan’s Generals, army, navy and air force chiefs had been Qadyanis!

2) Supported those “religious” organizations which were not following Quran but rather their own man made teachings! The Zionists had centuries old experience of fooling others for example they derailed Christians from the message and path of Jesus (PBUH) by creating his personality worship! Zionists fully patronize those who take people away from Quran!

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