In Response to “Dissecting Ertugrul mania” (Dawn 6th June 2020)!

Dear Editor Daily Islamabad: Assalamo alaikum

This refers to Pervez Hoodbhoy’s article “ “Dissecting Ertugrul mania” (Dawn 6th June 2020). In his article Hoodbhoy has labelled millions of people who just enjoy this Turkish drama as sufferers of a mania.

Actually it seems that he himself suffers from megalomania; a so-called intellect who thinks himself so big that others are just Lilliputians! He keeps hammering people who love Muhammad Bin Qasim for bringing them the gift of Islam!

My ancestors were Hindu Rajputs and I can’t thank those noble souls who brought us the best gift of both wolds i.e. Islam otherwise we might have been worshipping cows, rats, monkeys and man made statues!

Hoodbhoy should have courage to condemn Raja Dahir who did not take any action against pirates who harassed and looted Muslim women pilgrims! Had he taken action Muhammad Bin Qasim would have not come to Sind; thanks Allah he came!

Hoodbhoy suffers from intense inferiority complexes; he can’t condemn India’s nuclear blasts but is ready to kick our nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer’s artificial grave which he and his friends did when Pakistan was forced to carry out nuclear tests to keep the strategic defence balance. 

I know very well that as usual my letter will most likely not be published as usual but I am registering my protest in the eyes of Allah; Who knows well imposers of censorship on their readers while claiming to be the torch bearer of freedom of press!

Not only the big writers of Newspapers and TV Channels are controlled but also the letters to the editor! What goes in the newspapers to the extent letters to the editors are also strictly controlled by the so called champions of human rights and freedom of expression!

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