Movement for Merit & Systems! (MMS)

Pakistan is suffering because of lack of merit & systems! The root cause is lack of solid faith or Imaan in people especially those who are at the helm of affairs! Everyday we read and watch many accidents and other mishaps which I believe are avoidable! We see buildings crumbling down, sometimes kids drown, at times vehicle overturn and then we have devastating aircrashes!

These are just physical accidents; then comes all sorts of crimes, mismanagement and mega fault lines in Governance; these result in devastating effects on our economy, society and developments!

Should we sit idle? Are just doing drawing room political discussions and debates with no direction and no reformation will correct this pathetic situation?

Will angels descend from skies to correct our situation? In my humble opinion if we don’t try to improve no one will come to our help and rescue! If we try hard insha Allah, Allah’s help will come and even angels will descend to help us!

Thinking this I decided to launch a “Movement for Merit and Systems” (MMS) ! It’s not a “political party” ; it’s rather social network where we promote volunteerism to improve our beloved country as well as the Muslim Ummah! Without solid faith, high morality and utmost integrity; a durable, sustainable fruitful result will not be obtained; so we have to work also on strengthening our soil and foundation. Unless our roots are strong we will be foolish to expect to have healthy leaves, flowers and fruits!

Let’s begin by sharing our thoughts and taking some concrete feasible actions in every field and spheres of our lives in terms of raising our voices; writing, helping where we can. As a policy we will not solicit or accept donations etc. We will insha Allah discuss and let the decision on you to how to do when to do and what to do to improve our beloved country! We will insha Allah keep raising the issues in order to find out the solutions!

I like many feel strongly that there is mass murder of merit in this country and there are hardly any system on the ground! From health to education to judiciary to safety and security to defence everything is in shamble! We are not blaming any particular political party or segment of the society. Pointing fingers is not our primary job but we will like to identify weakness, their reasons and then come up with solutions

It’s not the job of clergy, nor political parties nor Government alone; the biggest responsibilities lie on all educated people! First degree of imaan is to eliminate evil by force if we have that force; if we don’t have that then by tongue or pen and the last degree of imaan is to dislike what’s wrong! And if one does not hate wrong then that person has no imaan; as told by the Prophet (PBUH)!

In order to strengthen our Imaan we must hold Quran e majeed firmly; for this purpose parents and teachers must play active roles! In my humble opinion we must begin “madjid schools” which can really boost our education across Pakistan. This will insha Allah raise our literacy rate to 100% in very short period and stop child bagging! Masajid have all the facilities and are lying vacant from Fajar Salah to ASR Salah! Taking Imam on board, masjid committee and volunteer teachers we can change the face of this country! Not only imparting bookish knowledge we will have to inculcate civic sense and training to earn respectful earning! Definite concrete actions are needed to improve our pathetic situation I am inviting all honest, hardworking people with solid faith to join hands.If you agree please send your comments in reply to this blog. Thanks. Jazak Allah

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