Islam provides solid, humane and multidimensional growth in contrast to communism and capitalism which lack ethics and spirituality!

There are two types of Aayas; one is those of Quran e majeed and others are Allah’s principles in our environment and in ourselves. We have to follow both types of Ayyas. If we for example do not follow the principles of water and swimming then we will drown! If a non believer follows the principles he will swim!

This applies to every sphere of our lives! Quran provides life, vision and pure heart to observe these Aayas and make correct conclusions and gives us essential tranquility and strength to use Allah’s bounties for the betterment of entire humanity selflessly!

This is in sharp contrast to communist and capitalist philosophies which lack ethics, morality and spirituality! As result we see grave massacres apartheid practices and State Terrorism as witnessed in Palestine, Kashmir and Syria etc. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, World wars and toppling of democracies and installing ruthless puppet regimes as seen in Egypt and many other countries.

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