Dr. Aafia is forced to sign papers by mentally psychologically torturing her!

A thin frail Dr. Aafia who cared and loved so much common Americans that she wished “I hope America accepts Islam as they deserved this blessing”! This was unpalatable and indigestible by the Zionists controlling USA through hook & crook.

Totally bogus cases were made against her. The jury was shrewdly manipulated and a diehard judge handed her over 86 years solitary confinement jail to her.

Her mother told that cries of children were fed into her ears to emotionally black mail her to sign papers! It’s irony that she was not allowed to see her children for years!

At this time when America is in full grasp of Corona virus, isn’t a high time to repent and do soul searching. Isn’t it high time to stop aiding state terrorists like Israel and India and let oppressed and suppressed free!

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