Wikipedia verification of Imran’s Maternal Grandfather Ahmad Hassan’s residence in Jalandhar

I verified and you can too Imran’s maternal grandfather Ahmad Hassan and their family living in Jalandhar in Wikipedia. Strangely now name of his maternal great grandfather Munshi Gohar Ali now had been disappeared once people showed from Qadyani website that he was number 15 who believed in false liar prophet Murza Ghulam Ahmad. Many prominent Burkis of Imran’s maternal family are now Qadyanis. Of course many Niazis and Burkis not belonging to Imran’s family are not Qadyanis. Since Ahmad Hassan was diehard Qadyani his daughter Shaukat Khanum was also. The other proofs are Imran’s insertion of many Qadyanis at key positions. Some also claim that current army chief is also. Many people say that they know his wife who is Qadyani. Several Army Chief like Karamat Jahangir and Musharraf’s wives are diehard Qadyanis. Needless to say that when a Muslim marries a Qadyani woman he is made to convert to Qadyani.

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